The Devil Incarnate

To say Genesis Adams was going crazy trapped in this exam room was an understatement; she was practically tearing her hair out in desperation.

Twenty minutes in, and she re-read question 1, still having not answered a single one.

"What the hell is a hydrocarbon?" she whispered furiously at the paper, grasping it in both hands and shaking it vigorously.

Before she knew it, the shadow of an invigilator had appeared before her. She looked up into the face of this sick person who got paid to insure situations like this NEVER HAPPENED.

She is surely the devil incarnate, Genesis thought.

"Are you okay?" the invigilator asked. "You seem a bit... flustered."

She was a stern faced, 50+ year old woman who made Genesis want to run for cover.

"Yeah, it's just that-" Genesis started only to have a hand thrown up in front of her.

"Anymore backchat and I'll have to ask you to leave," the invigilator hissed. "Do you understand?"

And before she could ever answer, the witch had gone and Genesis was sat there, in an even worse position mentally than she was before.

The End

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