Multiple Choice Mathematics

For the first time in my life, I found myself feeling sorry for Genesis Adams but I didn't  have time to reflect on her surprise appearance. I had bigger fish to fry.

I flicked open the blue booklet to the multiple choice questions. Oh well, at least I have a 25% chance of getting these ones right, I thought optimistically.

Question Number 1 - Which of the following is always true about hydrocarbons?

A They contain double bonds

B They have a straight chain structure

C They contain the elements hydrogen and carbon

D They are easily oxidised by acidified potassium dichromate

Wow. Even Genesis would get that right and she didn't even do the blooming course. Feeling slightly less nauseous, I worked swiftly through the next 9 questions and found that I could do them all.

But wait a minute.

There were far too many Cs for my liking and a distinct lack of As. Had I gotten a question wrong? Did I not know the course as well as I thought I did? Or was this all just an evil plan cooked up by the SQA to make me paranoid? Whatever it was, the multiple choice mathematics was not working out so far.

I felt deflated. Just when I thought I was winning, Chemistry had sneaked up behind me and pulled me to the ground. Again.

However, if Chemistry thought that it had won the final battle, it was sadly mistaken. I wasn't going to give up on my A without a fight.

Bring on Question Number 11.

The End

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