The Fate of a Physicist

And without thinking, Genesis Adams rushed into the exam hall amongst the throng of Chemists. There was one big difference about her. It wasn't her uncomfortably fashionable footwear. Nor was it her tangled, messy shag of dark brown, almost black, hair which fell in front of her eyes, only making it even harder for her to concentrate on the exam at hand. No, it was none of these things which could be seen at first sight, and she, herself, did not even realise what was different either.

That was, until she sat down.

"Chemistry...?" she muttered to herself.

She put her hand up, beckoning an invigilator over, all the while the bearded man spoke to the hall as a whole.

"Uhm, I think I've got the wrong exam paper..."

The invigilator - an old woman who had obviously not taken an exam in several decades - glanced at the title of the paper, then shook her head.

"No, my dear, you've got the right one," she said in an airy voice, and before Genesis could protest further she had floated off to the front.

Then he said it, and sealed her fate.

"You may open your papers and begin."

But I've never done Chemistry in my life! Genesis thought, sinking in her chair. I'm a Physicist!

The End

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