Ready, set, FAIL!

Pencils clutched in hand, I stood facing the assembly hall door. To the passers by I must've looked like a prisoner waiting to be taken to my death on Death Row. The similarities between the two situations were uncanny.

I jumped when the door opened. A tall bearded man stepped out, clutching his briefcase, which I knew contained several packs of chocolate digestives - they were 2 for 1 in the Co-op.

"Advanced Higher and Higher Chemistry," he called out in a reedy voice.  An intensely annoying air of smugness emananted from him as he turned to go back in the hall.

This was it. The moment that I spent the whole year working for (cough, cough). This was my time to put everything I knew about Chemistry into one two and a half hour paper.

Goodbye straight A average.

Every cell in my body told me to run away as I stepped gingerly into the hall. I sniffed the air. Fear. Panic. Desparation. A rather strong old-lady perfume. And most sinisterly, the smell of unopened exam papers.

Please let me wake up now.

The End

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