The end is nigh

Geoff turned the page. On it, electrons flitted between realities in orbitals so complex, so unnatural, the only way he could describe them was 'silly'.

The bus rattled, crashing over potholes and maiming unfortunate wildlife. He sat on a ragged seat smelling of all manner of grime, squashed by fat old ladies either side. He turned on his phone, thumb tapping through menus and folders until it met "For Emergency Use Only". He put on his headphones and turned the volume to maximum. He turned it down a notch, he decided he wasn't quite suicidal.

He pressed the Play button. The opening lines of the 'song' sent his auditory senses in to shock immediately. The music was such it could not be heard, but only felt.

All sound from outside was nullified. When Geoff's brain stopped trying to escape from his skull, it focussed back on dz^2 orbitals.

What is this stuff?

He stared blankly at another topic. The title was 'Enthalpy'.


A whole year of advanced higher chemistry spent abusing droppers and burning splints flashed in his mind. He searched for a memory containing anything actually learned.

There was nothing. Even with Alestorm cauterising his grey matter, and enough menthol gum to vaporise a rhino's nervous system, knowledge of partition coefficients and anti-neutrinos eluded him.

As did hope.

The End

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