Chapter One.

From a table of wooden glory, Evlinn White stared at an albino boy, who sat few seats away from her chair. Was it just her idiotic mind, or had she seen him somewhere before? She shook the thought away. She knew no one in this lousy monotone town, no one other than her uncle Tom.

Evlinn takes another swing of her coffee cup, grimancing slightly when the freezing liquid hits the back of her neck, and gulps until it's empty before placing it back on the table. Fumbling with her purse she pulls out a couple of euro  and lays them flat on the table, then pulls on her coat.

The weather was colder than a usual day in December, minus 5 degrees celsius acoording to the large green cross that hung out side the pharmacy. She pulls her coat tighter as she walks along the grey side walk. Many people pass but none take any notice of her. None saw the car pull up beside her and none saw her being pulled inside.

The End

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