The Chase

A boy is running from thugs when... you write the REST!!!

The bench in the subway station is carved with the names of previous bored passengers waiting for their subway to arrive. As I am waiting on the bench, I watch about six big thugs with machine gun tattoos and concealed weapons walk into the waiting area. I can see heads turn, and people change direction to get out of these guys ways. They all seem like they're searching for something, someone. The biggest one, the leader's eyes lock on me. He stares and points me out to the others. They nod. That someone they were looking for is me. My first instinct is to run, but I resist. They start to pick up speed in my direction. People part into a path for the big guys, like Moses and the Red Sea. My instinct takes over and I run, beside the subways, on a four foot ledge. After about a minute, they start to slow down, but I am staying at a light run. Just then, the ledge starts to narrow into a three foot ledge, then a two and now I'm staring at my feet, concentrating on not falling into the tracks. A subway flies by on the track and I try to blend myself into the wall, making sure not to fall from the wind. After it passes, I sprint, noticing they have gained on me. We reach the next station, which just so happens to be the stop near my uncle's hotel. I sprint towards the turnstiles, and I jump over. The thugs are stopped at the turnstile, too big to jump over. They scoot through but, by then I am already up the stairs and running down the block towards the hotel. They come up the stairs and look every way before they see me crossing the street to the next block. They chase me into the hotel, but still almost twenty feet behind me. I ask my uncle for an open room key and he tosses me the one for room 473, the room I stayed with my mom in when I was little. There's no time to wait for the elevator so I run straight for the stairs. Instead of climbing each step, I just climb the railings. I reach the sixth floor and run straight into my room. I lock the door quickly, in all three places. I use this minute in the room alone to breathe, and put on my grip gloves seeing as this won't just be a straight running escape from these big strong gangsters. I see one thug clear a path and get ready to knock down the door. I beat him to it. I knock the door down onto them, use them to push off, run down the hallway and through a closed door. Behind the door is a boiler room. The pipes wind around and steam. I have to go through because I can't go back. I crawl under and over pipes. My hand taps a sizzling pipe and burns. I scream, but carry on. There is a door at the end of the room and I go as fast and carefully as I can. I reach the door, which is labeled "IN CASE OF FIRE, USE THIS DOOR." I expect a fire escape and grab the handle. It is hot and wet. I wrap my hand in loose fabric from my shorts and open the door. The only thing outside the door is a ladder. Considering I have no where else to go I start to climb down. I reach a floor with a balcony and jump six feet to reach one. I can’t waste time weaving through hallways.

The End

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