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Svetlana came home from the animal shelter looking as though she had been crying.

“What’s wrong?” Kenny asked as he saw her expression.

“The game’s up,” she said quietly. “Joel worked out that the reason for his change in character was supernatural and he guessed it was me. And he managed to talk Susanna back into liking him. I quit the volunteering post. The last thing I saw was Joel kissing Susanna before she went home.”

“Oh no,” Kenny whispered, ice spreading through his veins.

“I know. I’ve failed you. I’m sorry, Kenner.” Svetlana went to sit on the sofa, burying her face in her hands.

“No, don’t say that,” Kenny said hastily, striding over and sitting beside her to hug her. “It’s not your fault. We should’ve thought about this more. We kind of just rushed into it because we were worried about Chaos.”

“And now we’re going to have to resort to the Heartbreak Arrow,” Svetlana whispered.

Kenny sighed.

“I know.”

“Who’re you going to aim for?” she asked.

“I can’t see myself getting at Joel without him noticing,” replied Kenny, who had been imagining this situation even while they had enjoyed the calm brought on by the effect of the potion, “and plus I’m quite sure it’s one of those things you’re not allowed to do to other Guardians. So it’ll have to be Susanna.”

Svetlana hugged him back tightly.

“Poor thing.”

“Maybe it’ll be a good thing for her to get over him... I think it’s her who’s been worst affected by all this...”

“Still... It’s a harsh thing to do.”

“I know. At least she won’t be upset afterwards. I ... I’ll do it while she’s asleep. So she won’t be scared. I’ll get a permit to enter their house when I ask your uncle for the arrow.”

Svetlana nodded.

“And then this will all be over for good.”

“Yes; yes, it will,” replied Kenny. “And you and I can take a holiday.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“Me too.”


“A Heartbreak Arrow and a permit to enter Mack Towner’s house?” Frey checked. “Is that all?”

“Yes, Frey,” replied Kenny. “I have a bow and quiver at home which I’ll collect before the mission.”

Frey pulled out a form from a drawer in his desk.


“Yes, please. I think it would be best to do this as soon as possible.”

Frey nodded.

“I agree.” He wrote down the date, Jennifer and Susanna’s address, and Kenny’s reason for entering the household armed with a bow and arrow. He pushed this across the table to Kenny who folded it and put it into a pocket in his shirt. Frey then turned to the wall and lightly touched one of the black roses on the wallpaper. A door swung inwards, leaving a gaping black hole into which Frey disappeared briefly, to return with the Heartbreak Arrow.

It was as ugly as its effect, Kenny thought, as he took the thing, fashioned out of blood red wood, with black tip and fletches. The tip would not create a wound, nor even hurt: it would dissolve into black smoke as it touched the person the arrow was fired at. But where it touched the person, there would be a scar that lasted five seconds as the magic in the arrow took effect, taking away any romantic love the heart felt. It was a cruel instrument, perhaps the cruellest of them all. But Kenny could not think of any other way to tackle the problem. And so he would use it, however reluctantly. It was that, or give up the mission, leaving it unfinished. Thus, there was no choice at all.


The End

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