Sun. 5/08 cont.Mature


On Sunday afternoon, Kenny felt his pocket vibrate. Surprised, he drew out the notebook. He was quite startled to see a message reading ‘Well done, Kenner. When can you come to my office?’

“Lana,” he called out. “Come here.”

Svetlana ambled into the living room.


“Why has your uncle randomly congratulated me?”

Svetlana blinked.

“I ... have no idea. Why?”

“Well, that’s why I’m asking /you/. Did you go out and break Joel and Susanna up without telling me?”

“Um, no, I’ve been here the whole time.”

Kenny grinned.

“Wow... That means it’s Jennifer. That girl deserves an Immunity Feather.”

Svetlana sighed slightly.

“If only that meant you could date her.”

Kenny winced.


“Sorry,” she said, wincing as well. “I just want you to be happy, Kenny. Anyway, you’d better go visit my uncle. He’ll want a closing report.”

“Well, I hope it is a closing one,” Kenny said, frowning; “what if they start up again?”

“Then we just step in again. Oh... but this means we can’t do the one month anniversary stand-up... They wouldn’t still celebrate it if they had a break in their relationship.”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Kenny told Svetlana, smiling, as he wrote in the notebook ‘Coming right now’.

“I’ll see you in a bit,” he said, and teleported.

Frey was smiling widely as Kenny walked into the office.

“You did it, Kenner. Congratulations.”

“Actually, sir, it wasn’t me; it was Miss Towner’s sister, Jennifer. Or at least I think so. I don’t know who else it could be.”

Frey looked surprised.

“Her own sister? Well, she’ll have to come in here and tell us how she did it. I presume Mr Maine did succeed in lifting her mind-wipe, then.”

Kenny nodded.

“Yes. You should know that she visited the apartment on two occasions, sir. The first was after my wingburn and I didn’t talk to her personally, but ... caused her to leave by shouting something unfriendly; the second, I spoke to her briefly, but the Chaos level was 6.2.”

“Is this all in the report that you are composing?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. I shall ask Svetlana to fetch her.”

“Oh, that would be problematic, sir, since Susanna would discover that Svetlana was a double agent. I realise that she has broken up with Joel now, but ... in case they returned to being in a relationship, it would be useful to have Svetlana continuing in that role.”

Frey nodded.

“Good point. I am reminded, as ever, of your well-suitedness to this job, Kenner. You shall have to collect Jennifer yourself despite the risk. If a Chaos level higher than 6.5 ensues, I will take full responsibility for sending you to do so and you shall not be taken off the mission.”

Kenny nodded, hoping that no high Chaos levels would result from this. Of course, he had his feelings for Jennifer to contend with... But Susanna and Joel were over: his happiness should make him capable of restraining himself.

“I shall be back momentarily, Frey.”


The End

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