Of bracelets and shifty men in mercedes'

Back outside, she stood for a moment on the street, breathing away the previous tension.  She would hear their decision in due course; but in the meantime, it was best to try and forget about it.  Kayla knew this to be true... however, it was easier said than done; she had never been good at sliding things to the back of her mind.  Perhaps some shopping before heading off home would be a good idea- made sense, seeing as she was already in the centre of town. Shopping was, in Kayla’s experience, the best way to wind down.

Crossing over, she made her way to the clothes shop opposite.  In the window were some black and white dresses and silver accessories.  Neutrals were great- her wardrobe was full of them- but from time to time an adventurous splash of colour was nice, even if it was just in the form of a handbag. Kayla went in, to see if she could find something to vary her look a bit. The girl behind the counter looked up and smiled as the bell on the door went, then got back to filling in some form or other. There were some interesting bracelets on a rack that instantly caught Kayla's eye. She was absorbed in trying some of them on to see how they looked, when an unwelcome voice heralded her.  “Kaylie, my dear niece, I haven’t seen you in aaaages!”

“Sorry Auntie Julie, I’ve rushed off my feet this week, but I was meaning to pop round.”

Auntie Julie smiled peevishly. “But that’s what you ALWAYS say my dear, and the fact is, you never come and see me as much as you did when you were younger.”

Kayla glanced back at the red bracelet on her wrist.  “What do you think of this?”

Her aunt didn’t seem to really notice the direct change of subject.  “Not your colour dear… and more for casual wear, it clashes with the smart outfit you’re wearing.”

Kayla decided to ignore the annoying comment about colour.  “I won’t be wearing these clothes normally… its… just for work and interviews and things.”  She’d realised half way through the sentence that she didn’t want the follow up questions, but by then it was too late,

“Ooh, so you’ve finally decided to earn some money, rather than just, well, forgive the expression dear, but ‘sponge off the family’?”

Kayla stared at her in outrage, then managed to master her hatred. She didn't need this, especially after the drilling of the panel. “I’ve been at university, Auntie Julie,” she replied steadily. She took the bracelet off and took it to the counter; she liked it, and would get it, despite her aunt’s opinion. Or, she knew resentfully, probably because of her aunt’s opinion.

Auntie Julie followed her. “I just remembered, I have a bit of gossip! There has been some funny goings on on my street- a shifty man in a mercedes parked outside my neighbour’s house, and some incidents of stealing. Me and Margarie think the two are connected.”

Kayla was mildly interested in this; another unsolved case like the one the mock article had been on, but on a lesser scale; this would be, ‘the case of the funny goings on at Salthill Street’. She had a friend that lived on that street, at the other end to her aunt; perhaps she should ask him about it. Having finished paying, Kayla picked up the plastic bag and said goodbye to the irritating woman that was unfortunately her relative.

“Bye dear, drop by whenever.”

The End

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