MSBOO (Mi6's Secret Base Of Operations)


As I walked in to the dark office, I tried to remember all the times I had been treated badly and bossed around since I witnessed the kidnapping of my grandfather. The list went on and on, there was the head of the orphanage. 'The big bad boss' was what the orphans called her. She would spend her time telling children that they were never going to get adopted; savouring the moment when the child burst into tears. Then there was the bully. I smiled. He wasn’t going to be bullying anyone again soon. Then there were the teachers, the ones bossing him around, when all I cared about was the kidnapping. "Concentrate, Samuel". That was the usual phrase shouted at me. There were also the physiologists, trying to understand my doodles of the hooded figure. Treating me like a crazy person.


A voice snapped me back to reality "I've been expecting you". I smiled at the use of the man's James Bond quote. "I also expect that you have many questions, I will answer a few now. First of all, I am Harold Bergen, Minister of sector thirteen. Sector thirteen is an international training facility run by the British used to train" he paused "special… people like you. Unfortunately, they are not allowed to meet or even see each other. Before you ask, I don’t know why, that rule was made by the prime minister. You are here to unleash your true potential. We do not know why you have these unique abilities. Yet we are on the verge of finding out. Now, for the tour. Mr Nelson, would you care to do the honours?"


"With pleasure, Sir. Come on Samuel"


That evening Scott showed me around the dojo and it seemed like a nice place, there was a spa with a swimming pool, a library, a games room, a café (There must have been different sections of the dojo in the actual mountain as there was no sign of any other trainees). But the main thing was that my room had an en suite open air Jacuzzi. I was thinking I was going to enjoy it here. After my tour I had a delicious burger and chips for dinner and went straight to bed.


I woke up in the morning and looked at my clock. The time was eleven o'clock. I quickly put in the tracksuit they had given me to wear and then went down to breakfast. Scott was already there eating and beckoned for me to come and sit down at the table. There was a range of food from croissants to cereal to crepes to cheese toastie. I picked out some food and sat down next to Scott.


"Morning Samuel, today we will start with a meditation to get your powers up and running. Then, we will go onto the physical challenge, then we will have lunch and finally we will concentrate on you adapting your abilities. Then you will have free time until eleven which is when you must go to bed."


"Ok, when do we start?"


"Now, finish off and I'll take you to guru, who lives at the top of the mountain."



I quickly jumped up and followed Scott. I followed him outside to rusty old ski lift, reaching up into the clouds. I gulped. Scott looked at me and laughed.


"Don’t worry, it's safe. I hope" he added with a cheeky grin.


I smiled and warily climbed on, strapped myself in and closed my eyes. About halfway I opened my eyes but I could only see snow swirling around me, as if it was trying to stop me from seeing the ground, millions of metres below.

My stomach churned. My head pounded. The fear had suddenly become reality, the wind was whipping past my hair, the snow smearing my clamped eyes, all i could think about was the crunching, smashing, bone smashing:



"Come on Samuel, time to get off " Scott's voice surprised my and my eyes blinked open. I wasn't falling, i wasn't dead and  could get off that deathtrap. I jumped off and Scott led me to what looked like an abandoned shack. 

My first lesson had begun.

The End

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