Flying in luxury

We stayed the night in holiday inn in Heathrow and woke up at eight, thinking I was still in the jail cell. I got my and got up and looked at the spy sleeping next to me, I slowly creeped over to his bag and peeked inside. I took a gasp as I saw inside was a Glock handgun and a hunting knife. I turned round, who was this man I had willingly followed? Scott rolled over in his bed and I jumped into bed and pulled the covers over me, wondering what lay ahead of me that day. Anywhere, I thought, was better than jail. How wrong I was. How wrong I was.


I went back to sleep and woke up at twelve, Scott was already awake and dressed. He glanced at me." Come on sleepy head, we've got a plane to catch. Ever flown first class? This is ten times better". He joked.


I realised he wasn’t joking as I entered the private jet. The seats were much comfier than the Audi's. There was a widescreen TV with a Playstation 3 and a drinks floor. Where was I going? I spent most of the journey playing Playstation; they had all the new games. I was actually slightly disappointed when we arrived, then I remembered what I was here for: answers.


I stepped of the plane the plane and immediately ran back on, it was so cold. I put on my Eskimo jacket and stepped of the plane cautiously. A land rover was waiting to pick us up. I got in. It was driven by two men with commandos. I was amazed at the security and once again wondered what I was getting myself into.   


We drove for ten minutes and when we arrived I was gawped at the stunning dojo. Even set on a snowy mountain with the wind howling it seemed strangely serene. We pulled up in front of the dojo and walked to a section of the wall, the guard tapped in a four digit code. We went through the door and came into some kind of lift. The security guard pressed another button and the lift started to descend.


The doors opened and there were two more guards to greet us. I was starting to wonder what the hardcore security was all about. The next set of guards walked us down a hallway and stopped at a door. Scott pressed his hand to the wall and it glowed green and the door opened. We heard a voice coming from inside. "Enter".

The End

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