Out of the frying pan, into the fire

After spending three nights in the prison cell, I began to despair. To amuse myself I drew on the walls in chalk. I had made up an eighty verse song. But mostly I had tried to transform into a sparrow or something small to get me out of the cell. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and I was left in my useless body. I was bored out of my mind. Until one day a prison guard rattled the bars; bringing me back to reality.


"Come" he said. The guard was young, obviously new to the job as he looked uncomfortable in what he was wearing. The man was glancing at the writing and scribbling on the walls. "Quite the artists aren’t we". He smiled. I looked at him and he stopped abruptly. After keeping me in a cell for three days with a glass of water every four hours I had nothing but contempt for these people.


I followed the policeman up the stairs until we reached a bland room with a cheap, ugly sofa.


"Sit down there please." The policeman instructed." "Someone will come to see you in a second".


I waited five minutes until I was about to get up when a man walked in. He was wearing a very smart suit and sunglasses (dark enough for me not to see his eyes) even though it was a cloudy day and extremely polished shoes. He looked at me blankly.


"Hello, I am here to take you" he said.


"Where?" I asked him.


"I'll tell you on the way". He turned to the policeman standing by the door." We'll be going now"


"Yes, sir" the policeman replied politely.


Why was the policeman being so polite? Who was this guy?


"Come" I obediently followed. If one more person told me to come I was going to flip out.


He led me to his car; a black Audi. This guy looked like a spy or something. I got into the luxurious car. He turned round to me, took off his glasses and gave me a smile." Glad I got you out of there, eh?"


I smiled back at him, relieved to have someone being pleasant towards me. Did he know about my power? I thought that I should play it safe and play dumb.


"I have some questions; number one: Who are you? Number two: What do you want? Number three: Where are we going? Number four: How did you get me out of prison?


He took a breath, "OK, I know its right that you should have some questions, but I can't answer all of them as they are classified until we are at the our destination"


"Our destination?"


"A dojo in theTibet, we will be going via Heathrow in the morning. I am Scott Nelson, a government agent. What we want is you, Samuel Wray, we know what you can do. We also know how far you’ve developed them and we can help you to develop them further. I've told you where we are going and for the last question, like I said, I am a government official."


"OK, thanks for that, now for the second set of questions, what am I? Why am I like I am?


Scott cocked an eyebrow at that question, "interesting" he mused." About the others you will be told when you arrive tomorrow but before anything we must get you out of those stinky rags" He added wit a warm smile

The End

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