My bully has superpowers

The only person who believed me was my best and only friend in the orphanage James, he was the only one that uttered a word to me; all the rest thought I was crazy stayed well away from me. Surprisingly, he believed me and every so often probe me about what happened on the night of the disappearance. I would tell him the same thing over and over again until one day he had claimed to have solves the answer to my problem, he said that the only safe place to talk was in the attic in the orphanage.


After waiting all day, preparing myself for another of James' wacky theories, it was the end of the day. I was about to sidle out of the school when I was grabbed by Kane; AKA 'The King'. The boy who had been responsible for the tagging all around the school. The dumbass that had put at least seven people into hospital. And the guy who beats up year sevens for their lunch money.


"What do you want Kane?"


"Oh, just the usual, beat you up, then take your money, phone etc etc" as said this his voice twisted into a voice that I recognised.




Kane nodded and suddenly I was flying towards him, yes literally flying, with wings. I looked at them and tried not to faint again. I stretched out my claws and imbedded them into Kane's chest.


One minute he was on the floor, struggling, and the next he was completely still. I felt myself turn normal again. After I turned back to normal I noticed a blue gas come out of Kane's mouth and float into the atmosphere. I caught some but it was so cold I let go as soon as I touched it.


I looked at the body on the floor. Confused. Is Kane dead? What was the blue stuff? Who was the figure? Who could help me find him and with that my granddad? What am I?


I sat down on a swing, and looked at my feet. Suddenly a shadow bore over me like the empire state building to a small café. I looked up and sighed in despair. Standing above me was an aghast Head teacher and a short and fat policeman who had a large and brushy moustache. He would come round to the school every month to talk about current issues regarding the police.


"What have you done?" the head teacher exclaimed


The policeman checked Kane's pulse, "he's dead"


"Why did you do it?" the Head teacher asked, horrified.


"I … I … He killed my granddad. I didn’t mean to kill him."  I managed to stutter.


"Don’t be stupid, Samuel" the Head said "You told us it was a man about seven foot, Kane is only six"


"No… No… But his voice. it was the same"


"Oh don’t give me that rubbish, boy" the policeman spoke for the first time. "You are under arrest for the assault of a minor. Anything you say will be held against you."

The End

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