The Changer

A silver Volkswagen zoomed past the bleak tower block. Over the block a bright yellow light suddenly appeared in a whirlpool of light. The yellow vortex of light suddenly enlarged as a figure jumped through it, the whirlpool closing quickly behind it. It climbed up onto the chimney and perched there for about a minute, surveying its surroundings, and then quickly jumped down as it saw a boy; no less than thirteen years of age enter the building. It hid behind the chimney until the exact moment when the front door shut behind him, when he quickly slipped into a third floor window. 


At last. I thought with a sigh of relief as I opened the door on a Friday afternoon. ‘Back my PS3’. I opened the door called to check if anyone was home. “Hello” I announced to the silent house.


I then ran to the front room, chucked off my bag, coat and shoes and turned on the TV. As I started to play I looked warily around the room. ‘Stop it’ I thought, your scaring yourself. His granddad had only let him stay home alone a few weeks before and I still hadn’t got used to it. Warily, I turned back to the welcoming TV screen.


Shortly afterwards I heard a bump upstairs. BUMP. ‘Probably nothing’ I thought. . BUMP.I looked towards the ceiling and then quickly turned back to the screen. I would beat my highscore.BUMP.I switched off the TV and started to climb the stairs


I reached the top of the stairs and stepped onto the landing, I could hear banging coming from his grandparent’s room down the hall and as I creeped down the hall I jumped when a   figure stepped out of my grandparent’s room.


It was dressed in a ragged, hooded black robe. It was levitating across the floor, dragging my fear stricken and struggling grandfather behind it, whose eyes were wide with a mixture of fear and panic.


As I saw the gruesome sight I felt a tsunami of anger come over me.


 "First my mum and dad disappear before I was born, leaving with no piece evidence that they were even real, then you comes out of nowhere and has the liberty to take my only living family member left. Are you for real?”


As I got angrier, my vision started to take on a greyish tint, my sense of smell and hearing started to improve, I smelt the cheesy nachos I had had after school and he could hear a child running down the road. Suddenly, I was warm as if wrapped in a fur coat. Strangely, I also seemed to suddenly grow an extra 5 feet.


"That’s right, unleash your anger. Feel the burn" answered the thing, its breath cutting into my skin like a knife. "You have courage I'll give you that, I somehow have no doubt that one day we will have an epic battle however this is not the time, I am a busy man”.


 The figure obviously wasn’t as scared as I was that I had suddenly grown and was … hairy? I am embarrassed and angry to say that I fainted the moment I looked at my hands, allowing the kidnapper to get away. After I awoke I ran to the window but the figure had already disappeared. I turned around and knees in despair.      


Since the kidnapping my life took a turn for the worse, I was sent to an orphanage and no one believed his story. I tried again and again to change but it didn’t work. Even I was starting to believe I made it up and I kept having nightmares about the strange figure.

The End

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