Chapter 8Mature

Chapter 8

"You guys are alive!" Nathan's cheery self greeted us. "Marie!" He hugged me. Finally someone who cares about me. 

"Where's Eric?" Conner asked.

"Over there with Michelle." Conner started walking in the direction Nathan was pointed but Nathan got in his way. "Oh no. He is starving. Any human near him he will attack."

"He can have my blood." Conner tried to move around Nathan but failed.

"No. We need you to fight."

"Nathan, Eric needs me!"

"Conner think straight!" Nathan smacked him.

"Use me." I spoke up. Both of their eyes fell onto me. "I can't fight. I'm not great nor good. All you need me for is to find Princess Isabella. So use me for blood."

"Marie, no." Nathan said.

"Let me be useful!"

"I think we should." Trix fluttered over to us. "She is barely any use for us anyways." She smiled at me. "But you have to know that when a vampire feeds from you, he can read every thought that you possess. And I mean everything."

"Trix. The girl has nothing to hide." Nathan said but he was wrong. I had everything to hide, I tried to act like what she said didn't scare me.

"I don't mind." I gulped. Trix smiled at me. I can see her laughing at me inside her. "I have nothing to hide from Eric."

"Well come on girl." Trix flied to a cave.

"Marie." Nathan grabbed my hand. "Be careful. Eric can't control himself at the moment. He might drain you dry."

"He won't." I pulled away. I caught a glimpse at Conner, his eyes met mine. We quickly looked away from each other. I never noticed that we both had green eyes except his were lighter. It was a random thought and what shocked me was that I liked them.

I suddenly miss the grass. I haven't seen grass since the day I felt my Kingdom. I miss the way it feels between my toes, how it tickles slightly. But where I am now, there wasn't a speck of green. Just gray and brown. Rocks and dirt. 

Trix lead me to a cave not far from where Nathan and Conner were standing. Michelle was in there, watching Eric with sad eyes. When Trix and I entered her eyes met mine and she already knew what I was doing.

"Be careful." Was all she said and got up and left with Trix smiling at me behind her.

"Good luck Princess." Trix giggle. I hated that sound. It wasn't good, it was an up to no good giggle like she was planing to kill someone without anyone knowing.

I tried to ignore her and place my view onto Eric. Eric was paler the usual. He was on the ground barely moving. I first I thought he was dead, he was cold, unmoving, and no heart beat. His eyes flicker making me jump a little. He wasn't dead. He's a Vampire.

"Marie." He said my false name barely above a whisper.

"Shh Eric." I touched him. "Fed off of me. Please."

Eric didn't even hesitate, he grabbed me and pulled my neck to his mouth and bit into me. At first there was pain but the pain was gone in a second. I felt warm inside, something really good it was to hard to explain. I forgot Eric was sucking on me and just fell into his cold body.

Marie, Eric's voice pierced into my head. Relax. I won't hurt you.

Then my memories came floating through. Conner's eyes, Conner and I in the cave, in the mountains talking to everyone in the group, watching everyone laughing with the ball the night before, in the kitchen with Michelle, watching everyone pack, training with Conner, Michelle healing me, Conner kicking my butt, sitting at the table talking about their lives, walking into my new room, walking through the mountains with Eric and Conner, them finding me, having those two vampires jump me, and then running through the Kingdom I stopped my memories.

I couldn't let him know the truth. I had to pull up a wall. Trix was right, he could read my memories. But I didn't want him to stop, I wanted him to keep drinking me.

Don't stop. I said. Please Eric ever stop.

Eric held me closer then stopped and lick my neck and pushed me away. I was puzzled at why he did that but I couldn't think. My head felt dizzy. Eric lifted my head onto his lap and his hand ran down my hair.

"Rest now Marie." Eric whispered. "Rest."

"You stopped." I barely was able to say.

"I had to. I was drinking to much." Eric's lips met seem closer then they were. He gently kissed my forehead. "Rest my dear Marie. Thank you for letting me drink." It didn't take long for me to sleep but I went to bed with Eric stroking my head. The last thing that flashed in my closed eyes were light green eyes that belong to Conner.

The End

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