Chapter 7Mature

Chapter 7

"Shit!" Conner yelled making me want to cover my ears. "Eric! Eric! Hello anyone?!" Conner was yelling through the hole.

"Conner!" I heard a faint voice that belonged to Nathan.

"Nathan!" Conner sighed in relief. "Where is Eric?"

"Eric got burned by sun." Nathan said. His voice seem a little closer. "Michelle and Trix are taking care of him. But we have to find him human blood. He needs it. Where is Marie?"

"She is in here with me." Conner snarled. "Michelle or your blood won't work?"

"Conner you know that witches and werewolves blood is poison to vamps."

"I was just hoping." Conner paused. "What are we going to do?"

"Where does this cave end?" Nathan asked.

"A little east of the Black Forest. It will be a three day journey to get there. I mean there is no way we can get these rocks out of here."

"That leads into King Richard's Kingdom." Nathan said. "You two must be careful around there. Evil lurks there in every corner."

"I have a better idea." A tiny voice said which I knew it was Trix. "How about I wait for them at the end of the cave. Eric can only go on at night and there are some animals that will make him well enough to travel. King Richard is the best place for Eric to snack on."

"Let's go with that idea." Nathan stated. "Seen you and Marie in three days. Oh and Conner, take care of Marie."

"Whatever Nathan. I'll see all of you in a couple of days." Conner turned around and faced me. "Let's get going."

I stood frozen. Not believing that I was stuck with Conner for three days. No Michelle. No Eric. And no Nathan. The only three that actually care about me. I honestly didn't know if I wanted to be with Trix or Conner. But Conner would never be an option for me. Never.

"Here is what we are going to do," Conner said as he walked past me. "I want no complaining for you at all, you fall get yourself back up because I am not going to help your sorry little ass back up. Michelle packed enough food for you in your bag, so don't ask for any of mine. We will stop when I say so and only when I say so. You fall behind, you get left behind. Are we clear?" Conner got down on his knees and pulled something out of his bag and without me answering, he spoke again. "Good now bring me your bag."

I hated him more than ever, but I handed him my bag. Conner then took out sticks and shirts from both bags. He wrapped the shirts around each stick and then pulled out matches and lit the shirts on fire. "There now we both have light. Let's move."

I stuck to the walls to catch my falls as we walked. We walked for hours on end. Sometimes we faced two tunnels and Conner didn't stop to wonder he just kept walking. Maybe he was trying to get us lost. But I couldn't tell.

After awhile my stomach started growling at me. Conner heard it and I saw a smirk on his face and he didn't stop. Well not until his started to growl.

"Let's take a rest to eat." He said. 

There was water and bread in my bag. It will do for a while but will it for three days? We sat in utter silence. Then I spoke for the first time since I have been in this cave.

"Why did you save me?" I asked.

"I thought I said no complaining." Conner growled.

"I wasn't complaining, I was asking." I snapped.

"Complaining. Asking. What's the difference. Now shut up." He started getting up and packing away. Finally Conner stood up and started walking.

"Are you going to answer my question?" I doubted.


Being in Conner's care was no picnic at all. We didn't stop until hours later and thirty-eight more falls.

"We will sleep here." He glared at me and I could feel the hate he was giving. "Why, out of everyone am I stuck whit you?"

"Why did you save me?" I said as I put my bag down. "You could have let me die!"

"You think I wanted to save your ass?" He faced me. His eyes staring me down. "Eric made me! That's why! Right as the mountain came down Eric screamed 'Save her!' I couldn't disobey him. I was going to let you die Marie. I didn't want you to survive."

That hurt a little so I stepped back. "I wish I had die! So I didn't have to deal with you!"

"Good! At least we both agree on something! Your death!"

"Then why not let me die in here?!"

"Oh I would, you stupid girl." Conner was in my face yelling just as I was in his. "If it wasn't for Eric. Eric wants you alive. Be grateful that he does or you will be dead."

"Why do you hate me so much?" I wanted to hurt him. Badly.

"Because you are a pathetic little girl with nothing special about you." And that's when I punched him in the face. It surprised him, but it surprised me more. I never hit someone before like that.

Conner stumbled back holding his nose his eyes looked as if he has seen a ghost. "You punched me." He turned around. For the rest of the time he didn't speak to me or did anything hateful. When I fell he stopped and waited until I got back up. He didn't rush me either.

As hours went on I lost track of time and day until I was sunlight. At first it blinded me and I shielded my eyes.

"Finally you two showed up." The little faery voice came from the sunlight. "I thought you never be here. And what happen to your filthy nose?" Trix laughed.

"Hi Trix." Conner sighed.

"Come on ungrateful humans." Trix floated. "The others are not far."

The End

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