Chapter 6Mature

Chapter 6

"Marie!" Nathan caught me as I fell. "Be careful. These mountains are slippery." I nodded at his advised.

It was mid-morning and we been in the mountains for about an hour. Setting off was a rushed morning by Michelle waking me up.

When I woke up I found boots that Michelle made for me and as I put them on they formed around my feet which made it comfortable. Trix gave me a surprise visit when I was tying my boots up.

"Hello Marie." Her small cruel voice spoke through my ear. "Or should I say Princess Isabella." I swat at her but she vanished. My eyes traced for her around the room but her voice boomed out of nowhere. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." She giggled. I waited for something else but there was nothing except Michelle knocking at my door saying Trix as appeared.

Now here we are walking in the mountains and I'm panicking that Trix knows and can tell Eric any moment since she was sitting on his shoulder. My eyes didn't dare ventured off of her. Wait a second... I finally took my eyes off of her and looked to the sky then back to Eric.

"Nathan!" I nudged him. "Now is Eric out here with the sun out! Shouldn't he be burning?!"

"Yes he should, if the sun was hitting him directly." Nathan said. "See the shadows? Those are protecting him. Only if he stays in the shadows he will be safe. That's one of the reasons why Eric likes the mountains. Plenty of shade."

Vampires are just weird. That's my conclusion. I slipped again. I personally hate the mountains I can't stand to keep my footing. Nathan has been always helping me back up but I wish I knew how to walk in these mountains like the others.

After about fours hours of walking I was getting tired and hungry when Eric finally made us stop. We rested where the mountains had a nice view of my kingdom. A cold shiver ran through me.

Back in my Kingdom we called the mountains Devil's Peak. Anyone who enters never returns and I'm not returning. I would never want to. Where I was sitting now I could see my castle. My window faced these mountains, I would always stare at them wishing to get stuck in them running like no one cared. And here I am, stareing at the place I once live. I will stay in Devil's Peak.

"They are looking for her. Princess Isabella." Eric sneaked up behind me. Fear jumped through me. Trix told him! He knows who I am! "Don't worry Marie, we will find her in the Black Forest."

Relief shot through me. "Are you sure?" I acted like I should have if I was looking for a princess. Worried. But Eric didn't answer. "She's the one. The Champion. Isn't she?" 

"Yes." Eric sighed. "She's our Champion." Dread. That was what I at felt at the moment. Dreadful.

"Do they know?"

"They know, meaning Dogth right?" He rasied his left eyebrow and I nodded. "Yes, they know. Bad thing is they know by sight who Princess Isabella is. We are blinded by it."

"Why? Wouldn't be helpful if they didn't?"

"See Marie, the darkness can feel the power of their destoryer. It's their only fear. The Champion. Dogth's destoryer."

"That's why I'm here." I stated. "To pick her out to you. But what if I can't find her? What if they did something to her?"

"They won't." Eric put a hand on my shoulder. "If they have her, they will train her against us. If that's the case then you will have to make her believe us."

Right then and there I wanted to come clean and tell Eric. I'm Princess Isabella, I ran away from home and is lying to you. But I couldn't summon my voice to say so. I just nodded and Eric smiled at me and walked off to Michelle.

"Liking the view Princess?" Trix appeared on my shoulder. I didn't dare move as I kept my eyes on my kingdom.

"Why didn't you tell Eric?" I whisper.

"And ruin the fun?" Trix giggle. "No way! I like keeping secrets like this. Can't wait to see what you do when we realize Isabella isn't there and all the evilings turn to you!" She fluttered away with laughter.

I sat down with a frown on my face. I got to figure out something to do. How long can I keep this going? I want someone else to be Champion! Not me! I hated lying to Eric, Michelle, and Nathan. They at least need to know the truth. I just couldn't bring myself in doing so.

Nathan and Conner started making lunch. Nathan gave me lunch but Conner came over and stole half out it saying that only fighters eat. Nathan, however, saw this and gave me more food behind his back. 

"Eric." Michelle spoke. "We should be going."

"Right." Eric looked up to the sky. "Sun will soon hit this spot. Black Forest is a two day walk here. Let's get going." He lead the way in the shadows with Trix on his shoulder.

Earlier I asked Michelle why not just use magic to get us to the forest. Her answer was they would sense us. We want to be a surprise. I think that the other side as it pretty well while the good side went on guesses.

I fell into step with Michelle. My eyes fell on Nathan who was messing around with Conner.

"Michelle, what is a werewolf like?"

"You are thinking of Nathan." She smiled. "He's a good guy. Werewolves are so strange to me. They stick in packs and one is always the Alpha. Nathan is a loner. He belongs to no pack and none packs will claim him. When a full moon comes along, they become reckless. Older wolves can control their rampage but younger wolves can't. Nathan is very deadly on full moon nights."

"But doesn't that happen once a month?" My eyes flicker between Nathan and Michelle.

Michelle shook her head. "It's a three day thing. The first day and the last day are the worst of the three. On those days they turned into a wolf without even thinking. They will kill at sight. It is known that they will kill even the one they love most." I slipped again. "Marie we should have taught you how to walk in the mountains." She laughed as she helpped me up."

"Marie!" Eric called from the front. "Come join me so you can stop falling." I didn't understand what he meant until my foot slipped. Eric caught me without even stopping. Then I got it. I was slowing everyone down when I fell, Eric on the other hand didn't have to stop he was already catching me before I slip.

After awhile my falling decrease a little but I stayed with Eric. Trix smiled at me on Eric's shoulder. I hated her. I will prove her and Eric that I am not the chosen one.

"Something is coming." Eric halted us. We all waited for something to happen but it didn't. Then I felt it.

The whole mountain started shaking. I heard sounds of thunder in the distance getting closer in a second.

"MOVE!" Eric called out.

I jumped to my left as big, giant, monsters came into my sight. They looked like buffalos but white fur. The mountain above me started to fall down. Someone called my name but I couldn't figure out who.

An arm went around my waist and was pulled into a cave I didn't notice before. Rocks started to encave the enterance. There was a hole where the rocks didn't cover. But there was no way we could get through. I looked to see who had ahold of me hoping for Nathan.

It was Conner.

The End

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