Chapter 5Mature

Chapter 5

"Conner." Eric stood up. "Train Marie. Michelle, get things ready. Nathan come join me over to the desk so we can see who we are going against." Everyone got out of their chair and Michelle went to the kitchen and Nathan followed Eric to the desk in front of the bookcase. Conner, however, stared at me for a while.

"Come." He said as he walked toward Nathan and Eric. Conner stopped at the bookcase and Nathan and Eric ignored us. Conner open the bookcase and I stood in awe. Behind it was another hall with four doors. I turned my head to Eric and Nathan and Nathan was smiling at me. Which made me all warm inside.

"Marie follow me." Conner walked forward. He entered one of the four doors which was filled with mirrors. "This is my favorite room. I can watch how I do things in here. And I can correct myself if wrong. We are going to start off with basic fist fights. So come at me."

For a second I didn't understand what Conner was saying. He was facing me with a very unhappy expression, finally I did know. He wanted me to fight him. I knew a little of fighting. Well street fights more like it. 

When I was younger I would sneak out to the kitchen to see Shane, whom was my best friend. Shane lived out in the streets but worked in the kitchen on dish duty. Shane got in all kinds of fights. I was always there to patch him up. One day I asked if he could teach me how to fight. He did. Street fighting isn't that hard and my dad would be so made if he knew about Shane and me.

So I stared at Conner wondering when I should pounce then finally I made my move. I ran towards him, he smiled. Conner grabbed my wrist and twisted me and flipped me on my back. Pain rushed through me.

"Pathetic." He let go of me. "That's street fight. Everyone knows how to do that. But I'll show ya what I know."

It felt like our training went on for hours. Conner was beating me up and taking no mercy. I saw a pattern in his moves. And I could actually take advantage of him easily. I was on the ground when he came plowing at me when I lifted my leg and kicked him so hard in the knee that he fell on top of me I pushed him off and rolled over. Blood dripped from my face to his.

"Marie. Conner." Michelle's voice flowed gently into the room. I immediately rolled off of Conner. "Lunch is ready. Oh my! Marie!" Michelle glanced at my face which I have to admitted it was pretty terrifying with blood coming down and bruises everywhere. "Come out here Marie."

Nathan came in and picked me up and followed Michelle to the main area. Michelle pulled out a chair for me to sit in. Eric gave Conner a bad look and Conner shrugged it off and went to get his lunch and disappeared.

"Marie, this might sting a little but it will be gone in a second." Michelle laid both of her hands on my cheeks and closed her eyes.

A burst of pain shot through me as if someone just stabbed me in everything single place they could get. But that pain left as soon as it came. Warmth covered me head to toe. I touched my face. Everything was gone. Then it hit me.... Michelle just healed me!

Michelle fainted.

"Michelle!" Eric caught her before she landed on the floor. "Healing someone takes a lot of energy out of her." He explained to Marie. "You need to eat. I'll take Michelle to her bed." Eric carried Michelle to her room. I stared after them.

"You should eat." Nathan said behind me. "Your food is at the table." 

The food was delicious once again. But something popped into my mind.

"Nathan. Why is Conner hurting me so badly?"

"Conner does a lot of things like that." Nathan sat down next to her at the table. "He wants you to be prepare, because none of our enemies will ever go easy on you. So don't ask for mercy for him. He does it pretty rough." 

Eric came back. "She just needs some rest." He said and beckoned Nathan other to him. He left me to eat. They were whispering quietly I could barely hear them.

"No... Nathan what about this... No... Crap."  I listened harder to their conversation.

"Eric. All of those princesses and we can't find the one?" Nathan's voice sounded a little scared. "The last place was Princess Isabella who no one has ever seen. Do you think they already got her?"

"I don't know Nathan."

"Do you really think she is the Chosen One?"

"Yes. I don't think it I believe it." I almost dropped my fork and my eyes were wide open. "When we find her, she might trust us since we do have a servant of hers."

"But is that enough?"

"I hope so. That's why I want Marie to stay with us."

"We need weapons." Nathan stood up. "I'll go and get them ready."

"I'll be in my room for a while." I heard them both leave.

Soon I was all alone. I couldn't eat anymore. They though I was the Champion?! Me! How could I be something that awesome? But I'm not. No they got it all wrong. But then it hit me, those vampires the other night were after me because I am Princess Isabella. They knew who I was and that's was why it was so easy to get out of the castle. I remembered what my uncle said to me last night that my dad was just trying to protect me. He was trying not to lose me like the other Kings in other Kingdoms! But this is all too unreal. Just last night I was having dinner with Prince Charles in my castle. Now I'm eating lunch in a cave that's in the mountains. Everything in this world is happening way to fast and I'm frightened. But I do not want to go back. I rather stay here then be seen with Prince Charles.

"Hey." Conner spoke breaking my thoughts and made me jump. "You almost done? Eric want you to learn how to use weapons for the rest of the day. So hurry up."

I stared down at my plate which was half full and gulped it down. I didn't like Conner; I wish Nathan was with me. I always feel right around him. Out the corner of my eye I saw Nathan bringing out a bag that looked full. I smiled as I watched him organized the weapons.

"Marie!" I jumped hearing Conner's voice. I sighed and left my empty plate and followed Conner into the room with mirrors.

"OK Marie." Conner frowned as he saw me. "Eric said weapons only for this time. This is a crossbow." He held up a funny little toy that was wooden handle and the top of it was triangle shape with a string.

Conner showed me dozen other weapons like swords, axes, bown'arrow, and etc. I fought with the sword really well. It surprised Conner how well I was doing with weapons. Way better than fist fighting. At the end of our little sword fight I won by fling his sword out of his hand and watched it fly across the room hitting the mirrors. Conner hated that I won and at the same time amazed.

"She's not bad." Conner said Eric while we were all eating dinner. "She beat with weapons."

"Great!" Eric smiled at me then faced Michelle. "How do you feel?"

"I feel fine." She re-insured us about the twentieth time. "Nothing to worry about, it was just a little healing. Nathan, is everything ready?"

"Almost." He replied. "I just need Marie's stuff packed."

"What?" I stared blankly at him.

"Don't worry, Michelle is working on it." Nathan smiled.

Dinner was tasty as ever and the evening went by quick and everything felt rushed. I kept to myself and watched everyone getting ready. All three guys were behind the desk pulling out weapons and books and talking about who we will face in the Black Forest. Michelle kept to the kitchen. I haven't been in there yet and I wonder what it was like.

No one was paying any attention to me as I slipped into the kitchen.

The kitchen didn't look like a kitchen: it was like a mad person's laboratory without all the chemicals and tubes. Instead pots and pans were everywhere. There was a fridge in the back. Michelle was at the counter in the middle of the room making something, her back was turned to me

"Hello Marie." She greeted me without evening turning around. "This is my favorite place. Welcome to it." I wish I could see what Michelle was making but it was hard to see anything.

"Michelle, what's going to happen?" I asked.

"Meaning going to the Black Forest?" Michelle faced me and I nodded. "I don't know Marie." She sighed unhappily. "We might die saving these princesses. I have never venture there. But I know what lies with in it. Marie, if you don't want to go just say it. I don't want you to get hurt."

"I want to go." I said but then I started thinking. If I do this I have a high chance at dying. But if I don't... I'll still be alive but what would I do? I knew when I left the castle life would be at risk. I knew it when I decided to follow strangers into the mountains. And I'm going. "Sorry Michelle. But I want to help those princesses as well."

"Alright." She frowned. "But at any time you want to leave just say so and I will send you back here. Now would you like to help me?"

I helped Michelle pack a box full of bottles with liquid in them. I didn't ask what was in them and I think I didn't want to know. Couple minutes later we were done and head out to the guys. They were joking around passing a ball to each other.

"Michelle catch!"  Conner laughed from the other side of the room throwing the ball to her. She caught and smiled. The ball vanished.

"Conner," Eric said. "Never give the ball to Michelle." We all laughed at that. "But it is time to hit the hay. Everything is pack for tomorrow. So night and sleep well. We will need all of our strength." Eric left for bed and the guys followed. Michelle and I walked to our quarters.

"Michelle, I don't understand." I said as I'm about to enter my new room.

"About what?" She had a puzzled looked on her face.

"Why they were all joking and stuff even when we might meet our deaths tomorrow."

Michelle smiled. "It's always good to calm your self. Even though we might died tomorrow doesn't mean we can't spend the last of it with joy." She entered her room and it shut.

I just nodded and headed to bed. Just waiting for tomorrow, I don't think I will be able to sleep.

But I was wrong. Right as my head hit the pillow I was out.

The End

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