Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4

Trix had light blond hair and flawless white skin. I could barley tell what the color of her eyes but they look blue. Couldn't even tell what kind of color blue they were. Trix just smiled back at me.

"How come no one told me we had a-" Trix stopped herself from saying something and continue. "A visitor."

"When did she get here?" I asked nervously. "I don't remember seeing her earlier."

"I just got here you stupid human." She growled at me. "Anyway I have business with Eric."

"What is it Trix?" Eric asked. 

"What more have you found out about the prophecy?" Trix eyes lifted up to him.

"They are disappearing left and right." Conner put his attention to Trix as well. "Eric and I have been going to every Kingdom just to fine one. Just one. But we are always late."

"Have you tried Princess Isabella's kingdom?" Trix question.

"We were there the other night." Eric replied. "They got her too. That's when we met Marie here."

"What about Princess Isabella?" I asked.

"Oh you know about her?" Trix smiled at me.

"I was her servant." I replied without hesitation.

"Marie, there is a prophecy about a Princess that she will become the best Champion ever." Eric told me. "A Champion is a deadly killer known to the evil doings out there. Like me and the rest of my crew. We are all Champions some more than others. But the Princess would out beat us all. Demons fear her. So they decided to take out all the princesses. Our hope is to save them and find the one that will be called Champion."

"And thats why you were looking for Princess Isabella?" I wanted them to confirm once again.

"Yes." Eric suddenly stared very hard at me. "You used to be servant?"

"Yes." I said trying to keep my voice from wavering. "I am tired of be her little servant. She gave me no respect. So I ran and I had nowhere to go until I ran into you. More like you ran into me."

"Did you see anything?" Nathan asked. "Any odd looking things?"

"Only the vamps that attacked me."

"This princess is dangerous even for us to have." Michelle put in.

"I have some information." Trix sighed. "They are not killing the princesses. When they find the one they would train her to be one of them."

"Now you are telling us?" Nathan growled.

"Shut it werewolf. " Trix  stared him down.

"I think this prophecy is a fluke." Conner said.

"You just want to be special." Trix fluttered her wings over to Conner. "The one and only Human Champion. News flash human there is going to be a Champ in town."

"Why is Conner the only Human Champion?" I started to feel like I ask to many questions.

"Champions are mostly Elves, Dwarfs, Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, and Werewolves." Eric answered. "There is a longer list, there is even some vampires like me."

"But," Michelle chimed in. "Humans don't really know our world. They might be surrounded by it but clueless. And the ones that do know either get killed or go into hiding."

"Eric explained to me why we even have another human here?" Trix frowned.

"Does it matter now?" Eric asked. "Where are these princesses?"

"In the Black Forest."

"Dammit!" Conner whisper.

"What's in the Black Forest?" I asked. They all stared at each other before someone spoke.

"The Black Forest," Nathan explained. "is full of evil beings. Werewolves, vampires, magic folk, dragons, elves, dwarfs, pixies, and many other things in there. It's ruled by Dogth. The one that the Princess Champion will fight and win against."

"What's the difference between Pixies and Faeries?" I asked another question. Which was a bad idea since Trix turned on me.

"The difference is obvious!" Trix snapped at me. "How dare you!"

"Trix clam down." Eric said. "She doesn't know."

"Then tell her!"

"We are Trix." Michelle said. "The difference isn't always to see with the human eye. But their wings are very different. You see Trix's, they curved. Pixies are pointed and touching one- well you just better not touch one."

"What happens if you do touch one?" I looked to Eric, Michelle, Nathan, and Trix to explain. But it was Conner who spoke.

"When you touch one many things can happen." He said with a sadden face. "One may cause you to bleed to death. Another will poison you and keep you alive for a couple of days so you can feel the pain. Or immediately die. The other one is that you could become their slave. And trust me being a pixie slave isn't fun."

"How can you tell which one does what?" When I asked that he met my eyes.

"Yellow is poison. Pink is bleed to death. Orange is immediately die. And light green is becoming a slave."

"Enough." Trix said. "We need to act on getting into Black Forest and rescuing those girls."

"I think I could go see the pack." Nathan said. "Since that was the pack that turned me."

"Nathan, that could be dangerous." Eric stared at him.

"I know. But I have to get us in there somehow."

"Eric and I definitely can't get in there." Michelle said. "They all know about us being Champions."

"Tomorrow I want all of you heading to the Black Forest." Trix said. "And get this girl some training because I especially want her fighting." Trix smiled at me. Then a voice went through my mind, Trix's voice.

I know who you are.

I did a little jump but no one notice as they watched Trix floated up and a flash of whiteness and she was gone.

The End

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