Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3

When I woke up I forgotten where I was. I wasn't in my nice luxuries room, but in a rocky room with only a few things. Then I remember that I ran away and found Eric. Last night went by fast. I can't believe I followed strangers to their house! What was I thinking? Just because they saved me doesn't mean I should have follow them into the mountains where no one could find me.

Someone knock on the door of the room I was in.

"Hello?" I called out.

"Marie? It's Michelle." Her voice came sweetly through the door. "I have made breakfast if you're hungry."

"Thanks." I replied. I remember Michelle mentioning that there were clothes for me in the dresser. I might as well test out if it's true or not. The dresser had four drawers. In the top one I found underwear and bras. Second was pants, shorts, and sweats. The third drawer had shirts, all kind of shirts that I never thought I would wear. In the last drawer was nothing. But yet I couldn't help wondering how all these clothes were in here and my size.

I decided to get dress into a blue t-shirt and brown shorts and headed out shoeless. Once I stepped out of my room I smelt the food. It was wonderful. Honestly I never really ate breakfast even when I was at the castle. I usually just go get some cereal and went back to my room to get ready for the day.

I remember the hall I'm in from last night. It awes me how everything there, every room, is made out of rock. Then I remember Michelle's words. "We will explain." Explain what? That I was attacked by Vampires?

I open the door to the room that was the first room I entered. Last night all I could see was a lit candle but today it has changed. Right next to me was a desk and behind in were bookcases and Eric was sitting at the desk.

"Ah. Morning Marie." Eric smiled and drank out a cup, I swear the color of the liquid was red. "Michelle has food for you over there." He pointed to the other side at a round table. Five chairs sat round it but only three of the seats had food around it. Michelle appeared from a door right behind the table and behind her was Conner and another taller man. He was very dark skin with a mustache and a bread. His eyes were chocolate brown.

"Hello." The dark man said. "I'm Nathan. Michelle told me we had a visitor." Nathan sat down at one of the chairs with food in front of it. "Come sit and eat. Michelle makes the best food in the world."

I kind of doubted. I was a Princess and I had the best cooks around. Nothing could beat Chef Collin's cooking. I sat beside Nathan and looked at my plate. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and french toast were sitting nicely on my dish. Conner sat down on the other side of Nathan and dug in. Syrup was in front of me so I grabbed it and poured it on my food. I liked to drowned my food in syrup. Most of my servants made fun of me for having too much syrup. 

"Have enough syrup?" Eric asked coming up behind me and sat down next to Conner. Michelle sat in between Eric and me. I just smiled as I took a bite out of my pancakes. Delicious butter milk goodness exploded in my mouth. I finish my meal within seconds and yet I was surprise that Michelle was better than Chef Collin!

After I finish, I realize every seat was taken and they were all making eye contact with each other. I felt uneasy the way they were looking. It was a really bad idea to follow them here. I just know it. They are going to kill me. Oh man I'm screwed.

"Marie." Eric started. He probably could tell I was uncomfortable. "How can I say this... Marie those really were Vampires last night. There are more out in the world too."

"There is more?!" I asked shockingly.

"Yes there is more." Michelle answer. "And there are other creatures too. Like witches and werewolves and faeries and-"

"Hold it." I interrupted. "Fairies?"

"Not your fairy-tale fairies." Nathan responded. "Faeries are sometimes untrustworthy but yet faithful at the same time. Like if you want the truth, you will get it but not all of it. Like if you want to know how something is done the faery will tell you how but won't tell you someone has to die."

"Right." Eric nodded. "But there is more out there. Not just witches, werewolves, vampires, and faeries, but others."

"What do you mean by others?" I once again asked.

"He means demons." Conner spoked up. "Vamps are demons but there are other kinds. There's also Elves, Dwarfs, Pixies, Dragons,-"

"Dragons?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was wishing they were just joking around, but how could anyone explain what happen last night. Sad thing is I am believing every single word they say.

"Yes dragons." Michelle half smiled. "Let's tell her about us before Trix gets here."

"Alright I'll go first." Eric said. "Marie. I am a Vampire, I'm not as bad as the ones you met last night."

"You kill your own kind?" I looked confused at him.

"Yeah... I do. I do it because I feel like it's right. Protecting the people of the world." Eric paused for moment and his eyes fell to his hands that were on the table. Finally they met my eyes again. "I use to be like that. I loved killing human. I even loved the blood more. Then I met this girl, she was a vamp like me but she loved humans. I would have done anything for her, but I was only with her for a couple of decades. A demon killed her. The last thing she said to me was to take care of the humans. So for over four hundred years I have been protecting humans just as Sophia wanted."

"How old are you?" I asked.

"Six hundred and sixty-three."

"Wow." I never knew I could have so much shock in one day. Eric was a vampire. But wait what did he mean by going first, are they all vampires?

"I think I will take the floor." Nathan said next to me. "I'm a werewolf."

"A w-w-w-werewolf?" I stuttered. 

"Yes ma'am." He smiled. "I have just recently turn into a werewolf. A couple of months ago, I was minding my own business then I saw a pack of werewolves. Seen now I have always know about this mythical world and I knew messing with werewolves were bad. But then I saw a little girl on her hands and knees, she was scared to death. But I saved her as I did I got bitten by the leader of the pack. Then they ran off. I took the girl home and came here into the mountains and Michelle and Eric found me. That's my story."

I never actually been around a black man before but this guy seem nice and I liked him. I knew for sure my dad would disapprove of him. He had something against black folk that I never understand. Nathan is a good black man.

"Now Marie." Michelle gently put her hand on my arm. "I'm a witch. Before you say anything I will say my story mainly because I don't know when Trix will be here. But when I was just seven I started magic. My whole family are witches and warlocks and wizards. First I will explain the difference. A Warlock is any man. A man who can do magic with simple spells, he could do high spells but only he has enough energy. A Wizard is a every powerful being. Man or woman can be one but usually they are older than three hundred years old and still look like they are in their twenties. A witch is just a woman.

"I am really three hundred and forty-seven. How could that be right? I may look like I'm twenty-six. See the thing is the more magic you learn the less you age. Almost like a vampire who can never age but we witches, warlocks, and wizards do age but very slowly. And I apologize for all of this to be sudden."

I couldn't speak for a while and my eyes drifted around the table and landed on Conner who hasn't said a word about himself. Is he a mythical creature too?

"What about you Conner?" I said trying to met his eyes but when I said his name his eyes immediately met mine.

"I'm human." He said. "I was left in the mountains by my dad when I was six. Eric here found me and brought me here with Michelle they both have trained me to fight. And now I'm nineteen still killing some demon ass. And it feels great."

So that was everyone's story at the table. All different in so many ways. A vampire, a witch, a werewolf, and a human.

"Marie there is still someone you haven't met." Eric caught my attention. "Met Trix."

For a second I didn't see anyone anywhere until I look at the table to find a person as big as my hand. 

"Hi there girl." It said. "I'm Trix, the Faery."

The End

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