Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

"I'm Eric." Said the first guy. Eric was to die for. He had midnight blue eyes, a flawless pale face with short blond hair, he looked like a muscle man. He was wearing all black clothes, a tank-top, that shows his muscles, and baggy pants. "Are you OK?"

"Uh... Yes I'm fine. What were those things?"

"Those were Vampires." The other guy said. He was different than Eric. His eyes were about the same color green as mines, not as tall as Eric, he had muscles but not as much as Eric and his hair was a short shaggy brown. Instead of a black tank-top it was dark green and with black baggy shorts.

"Vampires? I thought those things were fake." Vampires? I read about them in books and stuff but I never thought they are real.

"They are not fake." Eric said. "I am glad you are OK. Where are you heading?"

"I don't know really." I strutted. "I was just going away somewhere."

"It's not safe for you out her alone." Eric said. "But come with us for the night and we might be able explain everything."

"Eric!" The other one stared at him. "You can't honestly be thinking of taking her to our place?"

"Conner, she will be safe with us."

"No Eric. We do not need have enough room."

"What's your name?" Eric asked ignoring him.

"Marie." I have always liked the name Marie and the name suddenly appeared in my head.

"Marie this is Conner." Eric pointed to the other guy. "Would you like to come with us?"

OK so I know I'm not suppose to talk to strangers but these two saved my life. How could I not trust them? But then again they could be playing me. I have no where to go and I'm not going back. Maybe I can start my journey with them. But I need to think of a story to explain why I was alone. Are they smart enough to know I'm a princess. No one even knows I'm gone yet. Maybe... I got a story.

"I guess. I have no where else to go." I shrugged. For some reason I trusted Eric. I never trusted anyone outside my castle mainly because my dad kept me in there forever.

"Follow us Marie." Eric gave me a friendly smile. "If you didn't know vamps are real then you are in for a surprise." 

I follow the two guys to the mountains. I always wanted to see the mountains closer than from my bedroom window, but now I'm going in them. The whole time Conner had a frown on his face. I knew from that moment he didn't like me. At all. Eric on the other hand helped me if I got stuck in between rocks or if I couldn't jump as high. Conner never once help and he remind me of Prince Charles.

We finally stopped at a mountain side and Eric pushed on it. It opened up, Conner went inside first than I followed Eric enter last. When I stepped in I was in a rock cave and it was almost pitched black with only one candle burning in the center. Out of nowhere a girl showed up. She was beautiful. I never really like redheads that much but her hair flowed like a water of fire. 

"Eric. Conner. You're back." She smiled then her eyes fell on me. "And you brought a girl. Hi there. I am Michelle." She stuck out her hand towards me.

"Marie." I said as I took it.

"Eric. How long is she staying with us?" Michelle asked.

Eric looked at me for a moment. "She will be staying with us for a while."

"Eric!" Conner stepped in front of Eric blocking me from his view. "We can't just keep very person off the street!"

"We are not keeping very one off the streets. She has nowhere to go."

"How are you so sure? Maybe she was lying to us!"

"Conner! Shut up!" Eric looked over Conner's shoulder to see me and whispers. "There is something about her Conner. Something that makes me want to keep her with us."

"Whatever." Conner sighed. "If she is staying with us she needs to be useful."

"Thats why," Eric smiled. "You get to help her fight."

"What?" Conner and I said at the same time.

"Eric," Michelle interrupted. "Let's let Marie settle in. She is new to this world I can tell, so we should explain then train her."

"Yes." Eric's eyes focus on Michelle. "Will you show her around?"


"Thanks Michi." Eric faced Conner once again. "After you have taken a shower come talk to me." He disappeared in the shadows at the east side of the rock cave. Conner's eyes flicker to me and shook his head and left in the same direction that Eric went.

"Come one Marie." Michelle smiled at me. "Let me show you where you'll be staying." 

Michelle lead me to the west side and for a moment I couldn't see a thing. She opened a door and light appeared before my eyes. It took a while for everything to get back in focus. A somewhat big hall which was made out of rocks and a long red rug stretch to the end. I counted five rooms, two on each side and one at the end of the hall. Michelle lead me the the second door on the left. When I enter the room I saw a bed in the middle of the back rock wall. A table was set right next to it. A dresser was near the door.

"There are clothes in that dresser that will fit you." Michelle pointed to it.

"How can that be?"

"Magic." She smiled and turned for the door to leave but before she shut the door she spoke again. "My room is the first one on the right, if you need anything. When you wake up just go back out there," She pointed to the door where we came from. "We will explain. Goodnight." 

The End

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