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Princess Isabella ran away from home when she was being force to marry Prince Charles. But when she left her castle she found a world she only thought was fake. She enter the mythical world that surrounded hers. She keeps who she was to herself and tires to save the world. The only thing is... Can she keep quite about her being a Princess?

Chapter 1

I don't believe in mythical creatures. 

Well not until a few days ago. Before then I was a princess living in a castle unknown to things out in the world. I am soon to be marry to ignorant Prince Charles. My dad thinks it would wonderful to marry him so we could part run his kingdom. But Prince Charles is a selfish, uncaring human being. Maybe not even human. He's hateful to his servants, to his father, his mother, and to me.

The one thing I hate most about being a Princess is, I don't have that much room to complain, I hate it here. I have never in my life left this castle and haven't met anyone besides my uncle and my servants. All I ever wanted was to go out into the world and see what the castle looks like from afar.

"Princess Isabella!" My waiting-maid called for me. "Dinner is ready."

"I'll be right there." I stood up from my window and left for the Dining Hall. Lately it's only been my dad and me at the table eating, but today King Richard and Prince Charles were joining us.

"Isabella." King Richard greeted me as I entered. "So pleased to see you."

"Likewise, King Richard." I said in a bowed.

"Charles, be a gentlemen and seat your future wife." As King Richard spoke I cringed at the words "future wife". Charles on the other hand grunted and rudely pulled out my chair and put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me into my seat and roughly moved my chair so close to the table I couldn't breath. My father and King Richard didn't even notice what Charles just did to me which put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night. 

"My dear," My father smiled at me. "Isn't it wonderful to have guest?" That question was a rhetorical question so he went on. "Richard my friend how do you like the food?"

"It's wonderful Alfred."

Dinner felt like it lasted forever and Prince Charles was horrible all through it. He kept yelling terrible words at my waiting-maid. He told the chef that he had the worst food ever. And he constantly kicked me during the entire dinner. That is it, I hate Prince Charles and I never ever in my life want to marry him!

"Good day my fellow friend." My father bided King Richard goodbye. "Hope to see you soon." After they left I followed my dad into his sitting room.

"I am not marrying him, father! I am not!" 

"Isabella." He snapped at me. "We are not talking about this again. It's final, you and Charles will be wed in three days."

"Father! No!" I cried. "I do not wish to marry someone like him! He is down right hateful!"

"That is enough Isabella!" He looked down at me. "Do you see? We can rule two kingdoms instead of one! No one could stand a chance at fighting us. We have all the power in the world."

"You are blinded by greed father to see to your daughter's wishes." I yelled back to him. "I will never marry a prince like him! I will not!"

"Yes you will Isabella. And us together will rule the world."

"I do not wish to rule the world!"

"I do not care for what you wish for Isabella!" He bellowed.

"Mom would." I said as a tear fell from my face and rushed out to my area of the castle. I threw myself onto my bed and cried into my pillows.

"Oh Isabella dear." I heard my uncle's voice entering my room. "Your father is doing what he think is best for you."

"Uncle, you think Prince Charles is the best choice from me? I rather have Prince John."

"Oh sweetie you don't mean that."

"I meant what I say."

"I heard what you said to your father." I felt him sit on my bed. "You know that was harsh to say to him. He is your father."

"I don't care." I turned from my pillow to face him. "He doesn't even let me leave this god forsaken castle. I have only met one guy in my life and it is Prince Charles!"

"Isabella one day you are going to realize that your dad is just trying to protect you so you won't get hurt."

"To late for that Uncle." I turned back to my pillows.

"Sleep well Isabella." He sighed and left. After he shut the door I went to my desk that had a mirror above it and sat down. I looked at my long brown hair, my tan beautiful skin, my flawless face and my big green eyes. Then I thought of something. I grabbed for the scissors and with my other hand I grabbed my hair then I cut it. My hair was now barely pass my chin. I put my hair that I cut up into the trash took out some clothing and cut them up as well then put them on. Finally I looked at myself throw the mirror. I looked like someone from the streets but something was missing, I needed dirt. I could find that later first I needed money.

I went downstairs to my family's vault and opened it. I kept smiling as I filled my pockets with gold, sliver, and copper. I shut the vault and quietly felt. Instead of going out the door I left through a window. I can't believe I am actually doing this.

Oh crap! Guards.

Passing them was simple, which means anyone could break into the castle. I finally escaped the courtyard and headed out. I found dirt outside the castle walls and covered my face, arms, and legs. No one was out in the kingdom since it was night time and it felt wonderful being out here. 

I turned back towards my castle and smiled. It looks really pretty from this point of view but as I turned away I knew I would never be going back as from now I am no longer Princess Isabella.

I decided to leave my kingdom and go venture where guards and people be searching won't be looking for the missing Princess. As I left I felt something following me. Not something. Someone. Fear ran through my body as I started walking faster.

"Where are you going sweetie?" A creepy male voice said right behind my left ear. I turned frighten of how fast he got there.

"Giles don't scare our prey." A women appeared. They were both very beautiful beings, but also very pale. "She looks tasty." Her teeth appeared sharper than before and the same thing happen with the male. They charge at me and within a blink of an eye they were on me almost biting down on my neck until someone else came and knock them off of me.

It was a guy. Fighting the two who were just on top of me. But he wasn't alone. Another guy came up and took on the female. He had a stake in his hand and stabbed her in the heart and she turned to dust. The other did the same thing.

I watched this all from the ground scared to death when one of the guys came to me.

"Are you OK?" 

"Who are you? What just happen? And what were those things?"

The End

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