Final Challenge & End: The Slogan Test

The last night's frenzied LBP building of (and resulting destruction of) ideas had help to calm us down. The Army had left, and the final challenge beckoned. It readed it's head during breakfast's egg and ham sandwiches being served. It read:

"The end is nigh, you three. But you still have one final challenge. It is a near replica of the disasterous Top Gear challenge in which the three presenters daubed offensive slogans on their cars and went about annoying the people of Alabama, resulting in them being chased out by a horde of shotgun-weilding rednecks. Istead of angering everyone, you will attempt to annoy the others who are doing challenges. Remove all paintings first and each others cars to someone else in the group. Alex will annoy the old car challengers, Fraser will annoy the Ariel racers and Duncan will annoy anyone. The one who receives the least attention wins the max score. Commence."

Fraser handed his car to me, I handed my car to Duncan and Duncan handed his car to Fraser. We disappeared into the bushes and set about possibly wrecking each others friendships with the other challengers.

When we were finished, we lined the cars up and surveyed the work we had done to each other. I had written "Metal Sucks" on the flanks (to annoy Neil and Rob) and "Pizzas For Application To Face" on the front (to annoy Jordan). Duncan had written a link to his channel (a fail-safe way to irritate all)  and some random Elite Gamers logos all over the car. This almost caused Fraser to go to DEFCON 4 and attack Duncan. However, Fraser had precisly the same to Duncan's car, as well as writing "Gay's OK", "Faggots Welcome" and other pro-homosexual material, as well as a Swastika. This was quite the insult.

It was time. We departed to the destinations of the intended targets and waited in the bushes. Well, when I said we, I ment me and Fraser, as Duncan was more than happy to let the town know of the EG, having not yet noticed the pro-gay slogans and Swastika. A volley of insults rocketed towards him almost immediately, causing him to almost smash the clutch in fury. Meanwhile, not much attention was being paid towards neither Fraser's car or mine. This was good.

In Duncan's world, things were not so pleasant. Insults regarding the pro-Nazi, pro-gay and pro-TEG slogans were flooding in, and Duncan had nearly resorted to ducking under the centre console to prevent people seeing his miserable face. Still no attention was being paid to my truck, but things had changed in Fraser's world. The face-bending trio had found the tins of paints Fraser had buffoonishly left in the passenger footwell and had painted over the evil slogans. Fraser's charge was over.

The test was concluded after two hours, and we returned to base to get the final scores. They stood at this;

Joint 1st: Alex Laird, 20pts
Joint 1st: Fraser Young, 20pts
Joint 1st: Duncan Bunting, 20pts

A three-way tie. Hmm, not the way to go. Never mind,  I had enjoyed it. I just had to wait for the news from the others.

The End

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