Challenge 6: The Gunshot Test

I was still steaming with anger when I awoke. I decided to take out my anger by taking my car for some early-morning donuts in the middle of the football field, which would be undoubtedly loud enough to prematurely wake Fraser and Duncan.

When I arrived, I was surprised (and angered) to find Fraser and Duncan were already there, fresh and ready for today's challenge. Duncan opened the envelope and read it out. It said:

"We hope you all have guts today, as the challenge today is to see just how hardcore each of you are. The Army have been invited to shoot at you, and to see if you have a proper set of titanium family jewels, they're going to be firing live rounds. The one who emerges with the least bullet holes in their car wins the points."

I grimaced. The Army have personally arrived to drill three teens into mince? Oh dear God. When they arrived, we exchanged friendly chat, but inside, my stomach was attempting to self-combust. They were packed to the seams with machine guns and ammo, which would soon finding it's way, if I was extremely unlucky, into my head. Ouch.

I went first. The troops had set up at various points, and all I had to do was drive a lap of the complex without getting killed. Seemed simple enough, and I pulled away into the battlefield. Almost instantly, a hail of bullets washed against the side of my truck, and I stood on the throttle, unwittingly covering a group of the soldiers in a layer of mud. I shot through the trees, bullets ricocheting off the trunks. I got through and shot across the line with a considerable amount of holes in my flanks.

Fraser was next, and he wasn't hanging around. He skipped through the parts where I had got pummelled, taking far less bullets. His downfall began as he entered the forest. He was considerably slower through it, and took a storm of rounds in the rear of the Tribal Thunder. He also looked rattled as he crossed the line.

Finally, a reluctant Duncan went next. He really didn't want to be shot, and he rocketed off in the general direction of the track, taking a light shower of bullets, but far less than me. He also took a couple of rounds in the forest, and he crossed the line in much better condition than either me or Fraser.

The tricky hole-counting stage had been done and the scores had been compiled. The leaderboard now stood at this:

1st: Duncan Bunting, 20pts (25 holes)
2nd: Fraser Young, 15pts (49 holes)
3rd: Alex Laird, 10pts (53 holes)

I had came last again, but at least the other two had the politeness not to brag. We were all comprehensively shaken after the day's challenge. We went to have a few nice levels of LittleBigPlanet for some harmless light entertainment. Anything to relax.

The End

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