Back Home, And Yet Another Challenge

The only thing was that our ordeal wasn't quite over. The cars had been delivered back home, and as we made our way back to the tent to collect our stuff and head back home, I found yet another envelope on my bed. Ah, I thought, this had better be good. I read it out very loudly to get evryone's attention;

"When you arrived back in Scotland, there will be a Qt Wildcat 300STR in the drives of three very lucky people. Your challenge will be presented to you once there."

As we flew back home, I wondered; why does there have to be another challenge? And who will be doing it? I remained silent about it.

As I pulled into the drive of my house, I saw something very large and very menacing. A Qt Wildcat 300STR. I had been chosen. Then two text messages came up on my phone from Duncan and Fraser. They had been the lucky ones selected beside me. This would be interesting.

I climbed out of the taxi I had been in and straight into the Bowler, where I nearly broke my back on the hard carbon seats. On the passener's seat lay an envelope. I picked it up and read it to myself;

"Now you have the wheels, you must now head to Broomfield Athletics Track for a series of extensive tests and challenges."

As soon as the key turned, the cabin was drowned in a sea of noise from the 4L Rover V8. A heavy pull on the gearstick engaged first, and I rolled out of the drive and on my way to Broomfield. This short drive gave me time to have a good root-around in the Wildcat to survey the interior, which was basically just a metal box with a large readout box in the middle of the dashboard, a sequential 'box gearstick in the bump in the middle of the cabin, and a thin steering wheel in the usual place. That was it. I had surveyed all the cabin had to offer before I had even got to New Cumnock, but it's stripped out for racing and so on...

The End

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