Pre-Race: Still At The Cutting Edge Of Cocking About

So, race day.

We were summoned to the driver's safety briefing, but due to the fact that Roy could not willfully get out of bed even if his life depended on it, I was the only person to arrive on time. Duncan, Jordan and Fraser arrived two minutes late, with Neil and Rob arriving shortly afterwords. Julie and Roy didn't arrive at all.

We had one hour left until we had to be on the grid, so I decided to give lazy-bones Roy something to think about by putting a lump of meat in his air filter. So that, if he turns on the air-con, the car will suddenly smell of pork. Mmm, excellent. That'll wake him up good.

The clock ticked by, and I decided to go on a walk around the track again to get a good idea of how to get going. Try not to spin the wheels too much, defend my line against McCormack's Audi, try to make sure Fraser's SLR Moss doesn't just steam past on the Hangar straight. Good. I returned with ten minutes until we had to be on the grid, then a text flashed up on my phone form Roy, who had discovered that the grid would be set in reverse order to points. I was mega annoyed. I had worked so hard to win, and then the organisers decide to reverse the grid.

"FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU-" I was interrupted by the appearance of Duncan in my pit box. He didn't look bothered. He only lost one place, not seven.

"So, Alex, you excited about the race?"

"Yeah, but I'm also a bit angry about the reverse order thing. What a load of balls."

He nodded and walked back to his Ferrari 458 and just as he exited, I heard Roy complaining about the smell in his F50. I grinned. It has done it's job.

We lined up on the grid. After the reverse order, the grid stood at this:

Pole: Neil McGee - Jaguar XKR75
2nd: Julie McCreath - Alfa 8C Competizione
3rd: Jordan Paton - Ford GT
4th: Roy Shankland - Ferrari F50
5th: Duncan Bunting - Ferrari 458 Italia
6th: Fraser Young - Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss
7th: Rob McCormack - Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI
8th: Alex Laird - Caterham 7 Superlight R500

It's not how I'd have liked it it, but I do like a challenge.

The End

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