Challenge 3: The Track Test

I woke up early again, but decided against going for a warm-up in the Caterham, just in case. I decided to get our breakfasts by pushing the Jaguar (the most comfortable car here, and far different to the Caterham) out on no handbrake and driving into town for bacon sandwichs and cans of Pepsi Max. They can get their breakfasts when I return. Neil still had no idea that his Jag was currently the storage device to eight bacon sandwichs and eight cans of Pepsi Max.

I managed to get back and unload my cargo before anyone woke up, and I decided to erect a chair and wait for them to wake up. Ten minutes later, life emeged from the tent. First up, Roy. He looked surprised at the mountain of breakfast before him.

"How did you get all this?"

Unwilling to say the truth out loud, I signalled him closer to me and whispered that I'd went in Neil's Jag. I then decided to try and trick the others by saying in my normal voice,

"Yeah, I just went in the Caterham to get all this. Tuck in!"

That worked. Everyone else hurried out to collect their share of the spoils. As I picked up my roll and can, an envelope slipped out of the packaging and onto my lap. I picked it up and began,

"Your third challenge will be a lap of the track! Each of you shall do a lap from a standing start. Points will be awarded for the fastest times."

Most of the group were still in their PJs, and it was only 8:30am, so I decided to postpone the start until midday.

Now it was time. The first person, Rob, was ready to drive. He set off, determined to gain vengence for me beating him in the race the day before. His time: 2:10.0. Sounds fast.

Next, Roy. He was eager to show the brute force of that italian V12 had a place. His time: 2:10.4. Very good.

Now time for me. The Caterham felt fast and grippy and I was sure I could put a good lap in. My time: 2:08.7. Absolutely rocketing.

Next, Julie. The Alfa may have sounded very good and looked good, but track performance wasn't for it. Her time: 2:12.9. Sad, but she'll do better later.

Fraser was next to try. His car may be good in a straight line, but was it good in corners? His time: 2:11.0. A bit slow, but that power must be important.

Now for Jordan to lap. His Ford may have been huge, but the time, thankfully, wasn't. His time: 2:11.7. Average for this company, but good job.

Duncan was next to the line. His Ferrari is one of the Maranello company's greatest acheivements, and it shows. His time: 2:09.2. Very fast.

And finally, Neil in his (sort of stolen by me) Jag. His Jag may be the ultimate rock 'n' roll luxury but this time? His time: 2:13.5. Not very rocking, that is.

Now that we'd comprehensively ragged the cars round the track, the scores had be chalked up. The results speak for themself;

1st: Alex Laird, 21 points
Joint 2nd: Rob McCormack, 19 points
Joint 2nd: Fraser Young, 19 points
4th: Duncan Bunting, 17 points
5th: Roy Shankland, 10 points
Joint 6th: Jordan Paton, 8 points
Joint 6th: Julie McCreath, 8 points
8th: Neil McGee, 6 points

So, still a battle for second and sixth. After people had stopped making the fool of Neil for being last and me for my hair looking like a mess, we went to sleep. Tomorrow, there would be no challenge, so tomorrow, effectively, was a free day. Yay.

The End

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