The Challenge: The Story Of A.Laird

This may remind you of a Top Gear Challenge; get a car and perform challenges with them. Simple.

It was lunchtime,and I was returning back to school. The school roof taking a battering from the hail. My hair was getting in my eyes, such was my dampness from transition back to school doors. Scotland The Brave? Scotland The Wet, more like. I made my way to the Music corridor, where I was greeted by the sight of seven other people gathered in a circle, acting excited. One of them turned and recognised me. It was Roy. He walked over to me, while wielding a open envelope. He was grinning in his usual fashion.

"Alex, read this. It's interesting, I promise." He handed me the envelope. My eyes widened when my eyes alighted on the contents. It was smudged, but I could still read it. It read;

"Eight of S4 have been invited to a challenge. You must get any car of your choice and then drive it to Silverstone for further instructions. Inside are your special licences granted to you after the driving test you completed."

Hmmm, I knew that test was for a reason. I flicked through the small laminated squares of paper.They had individual names on them. I read them out.

"Right, who's going? Let's see...
Roy Shankland,
Julie McCreath,
Rob McCormack,
Duncan Bunting,
Neil McGee,
Fraser Young,
Jordan Paton..."

Things weren't looking good. Maybe he had played this as a joke.

"And finally... yours truly, Alex Laird."

I was happy inside, but I wanted to make sure of something. I looked Roy in the eye and put on my best interrogative voice.

"Did you shuffle these to make sure I was panicking at the end?"

"No, honestly! They came in that order, I swear. Anyway, you pleased? I am."

I nodded in contentment, but I was bursting with excitement. This would be interesting, to see a proper race to sort out bragging rights. Yes.

I handed the envelope back to Roy and went to sit down and wait until fifth period bell rang. You know it's going to be a long day when, as you return home, you will have to greet your parents with the sentence; "Hey mum, I can get any car I like and got to Silverstone with my pals." My brothers would be red in the cheeks with fury. I get a week off school to drive to and then race a supercar around Silverstone? Well not fair, mum. Get him grounded.

The End

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