Lies the Angel ToldMature

I had never believed in God, or gods for that matter.  I mean, sure, I'd mouthed the appropriate responses on the few occasions I'd gone to church before alienating everyone so that they'd just leave me alone.

I was fine by myself, I even enjoyed.  It was very quiet in there, quiet, soothing, peaceful.  The place I went when I needed to think.  Music didn't even play in there.  There was just seclusion and blessed silence.

Until the angel came.

Until then, there was no one in my head and I knew its twists, contours, its labyrinthine ways like the back of my hand. 

The angel changed it all.  She appeared one dismal Wednesday morning, it also happened to be my birthday.  I was sitting in my physiology class, doodling in the margins of my notebook.  I'd drifted off, sitting curled in my favorite spot in my head.  Thinking about what wild party my roommate had planned because I apparently didn't know how to have any 'real' fun.

"Wednesday's child is full of woe."  a voice said.

"What?" My head snapped up, looking around me.  That stray thought was patently not mine.  My thoughts had a velvety sheen to them and this one looked like silk.

"Aren't you Wednesday's child?"  The voice asked again.

I was, actually.  I had been born on a Wednesday.  I stood up, looking around me, there was nothing I could discern in the featureless landscape.  OK, I'm not big on decorating, I like austere settings.  So sue me.

She appeared behind my left shoulder, just as I was turning around.  I jumped away.  She was beautiful, not classically, or even like a Botticelli; but beautiful nonetheless.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but her overwhelming sense poleaxed me temporarily.

I stared at her.  Took in her fire-red hair, her violet eyes, chocolate skin.  I especailly noticed her white wings that spread over her back from shoulders to ankles.  She had them wrapped around her body, she was otherwise naked.

"Who are you?  How did you get in here?" I demanded.  It seemed like the appropriate response.

The angel just smiled and refused to answer.

"Are you sad?" she asked instead.

"Not particularily," I replied, a little offset by this abrupt change of subject.

"I can give you everything that will make you happy," the angel said.

My ears pricked up.  I mean, who wouldn't want to be happy?

"How?" I demanded.

And then the angel spoke at great length about all the things she could give me.  I listened intently...

The End

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