The Cellist Player

Jane and Lena are in love. But soon Lena is kidnapped that's it plot-wise:)

I looked atLena, her small, round eyes blank and thoughtless. Her pale, smooth skinned face completely motionless and open. She sat up like a statue, with the fabric of a blue, satin dress gently caressing her poor, abused body. Tears started to cascade from my squinting eyes. They began to touch my wrinkled nose, my frowning lips opening and closing for the occasional gasp of despair, and finally going down my spasming neck also racked by the potential sobs. My face pulled into an ugly grimace. She struck me as a doll, a mindless, soulless toy with beauty to take place of will and heart and love. She was only able to obey, but she could not even obey more than one person. If you could that monster a person. This monster had took my best friend, my love, and my wife and stripped her of…everything. And this broke my heart, it disintegrated, destroyed, and ruined my heart. The Monster slowly stalked toward me with his grey, stringy hair, his both haunting and haunted blue eyes and his thin lips pulled into and equally thin line. All of these featuresLenahad noted as nice, pleasing to the eye, and attracting to anyone it was intended for. Now they just added to the fact that my life was ending right in front of my eyes. He grabbed me and took me in his arms as shocked, horrified, and aware of my fate, I screamed. Then, He sat me in a chair. I felt something cool and small and round plunge into my neck. Everything stopped.

The End

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