The Vents

Wading through the water that has now reached your chest, you groan in pain as you feel your shin bach against the table that has now been knocked over by the flow of water.

Ignoring the pain and focussing on breathing slowly to remain calm, you feel the wall in front of you, and as the water rises, you rise with it, being carried by the steady increase of water, until you're able to reach the vents and cling on with the ends of your fingers.

Kicking off from the water, you use all the upper-body strength you can muster in order to pull yourself into the vent headfirst, and once safely inside, you use your wet body to slide yourself through the vent.

However, just because you have left the room, it has not stopped filling with water. As you feel the first few waves pass you in the dark, you realise that within moments the entire ventilation system will be filled with water, drowning you in the dark.

Throwing yourself forward in the hope of reaching somewhere more open, you slide several feet at a time, but are still unable to escape the rush of water that is now causing you to hold your head up to stop your mouth from being submerged. The vent is half-way full, and soon it will all be over.

Fighting against the water, now finding it harder to maneuvre, you lose yourself, and begin to flap around in the hope of escape, water splashing against your face and going up your nose.

Turning over, you try to paddle on your back, keeping your face out of the water, the only part of your body that is yet to be submerged.

As a small wave drifts up your nose, you splutter, clearing your lungs, then take one final deep breath of cold air.

You are now trapped in the vent, blind to your surroundings. You could be only inches from an escape, but you'd have no way of knowing. Throwing your hands around to find a way out, you realise that the vent is smaller than you thought.

A small bubble escapes you, and you propel yourself forward, desperate for air and freedom.

As you come to a corner, you bang your head against the side and open your mouth to let out a cry of pain. The air escapes your lungs and is replaced by cold, tasteless water.

You choke silently, trying to breath in, but only taking in more and more water. Your limbs go numb, and you suddenly feel very dizzy.

You try once more to breathe, but it is futile.

Your body shudders once, and you are left alone in the cold dark water.

You die.

The End

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