Open the remaining boxes...

Blind in the darkness, you panic, but instead of trying to escape, you feel around for the table, searching for the drawer containing the boxes. The note from the first box is still in your pocket, but will be reduced to mush if it stays there. You pull it out and hold it in your left hand, and use the key in your right hand to open what feels like the third box.

Scrabbling around desperately inside, you feel something small and thin - most likely another piece of paper.

The stranger's words echo through your head as you slide the key into the second and final keyhole.

Two boxes will prove fatal ... one will be your salvation.

As the second box comes open, you feel inside, expecting another note, but instead lies what feel like another smaller box.

You take it out of the box and feel it, dropping the key in the water, no longer needing it.

The box slides open slightly as you fiddle with it, and inside are various... Well, what feels like small sticks...


You pull one out, striking it against the side of the box, but it does not light. Picking out another, you do the same, and a spark of light floods the room, followed by a small flame, illuminating very little, but enough to see your surroundings.

The water has reached your waist, and you have no idea what to do next...

The notes.

The notes. You hold them up to the light, careful not to burn them, and as you do, you see that on each piece of paper is written three numbers.

On the first, 453.

On the second 841.

What do these number mean?

453841? 841453?

Some kind of numerical code... Replace each number with the corresponding letter of the alphabet...

The phone.

It hits you that the number could be a phone number.

Grabbing the receiver and holding it to your face, you dial 453841 first, but the automated voice on the other end says No known number. That leaves you with the other cobmination.

Putting the phone down and picking it back up, you realise that the water has reached your stomach, and the phone will no doubt soon stop working. Hurriedly, you dial 841452, missing the final digit.

'Dammit!' You scream into the darkness. Trying again, you dial 841452 successfully, just as the match burns out, burning your fingers. You don't notice however, as the ringing begins to fill your ears. The water reaches your shoulders and yet the ringing continues.

After five rings, a voice answers. The same voice that warned you of the boxes.

'Well done.' He hangs up.

'What the- No!' You scream again, worried the water will continue to fill the room. As you take one last breath, however, you realise that the water level is becoming lower. Your stomach, your waist, your knees, ankles. It's all draining away.

The phone rings once more.

The End

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