Answer the Phone

The brrring echoes, ricocheting off each wall. You scope out the room, looking for any sign of life, only to find nothing.

The tired looking brick walls are bare, unlike those of the cell. No paintings, no photographs, and thankfully no blood or entrails.

You continue to sit under the desk; trying to come up with some sort of reasonable explanation for all of this. Your skull aches from the continual thumping of blood being pumped rapidly through your body. You close your eyes.

Wake up,  just wake up. Whatever sort of twisted, sick dream this was you didn't want to experience it any longer.

brrring, brrring,  brrring...

Shutup! Just leave me alone, you plead inside your head, I just want to go home. Your throat dries up as you feel the tears forming in your eyes, your head drops to your knees which are being held together by your arms. You let out a deep breath, and begin to quietly sob. Tear after tear escapes, rolling down your face and onto the wooden floor.

brrring, brrring, brrring...

You lift up your face from your jean-clad knees, now sodden from your tears. You lift your matted fringe out of your eyes. You know you can't stay here forever. Someone, or something even, was bound to find you.

You heave yourself from under the crampt space beneath desk, and turn towards the phone, you stretch out your hand to answer it, shaking with nerves. You pick up the reciever, placing it to your ear you listen. Deep, raspy breaths escape from the phone, but you do not say anything, you just stand there listening.

"Welcome," someone wheezes, "For reasons you are not yet aware of, you have been placed here. But believe me, soon you will understand. Placed within the drawer of the desk infront of you are three objects, and a key. The key opens all three of these objects, but be warned, two of them once opened...Are lethal." Barking laughter rings through your ear as the other phone is put down. 

The door that was once ajar slams shut. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you place the reciever back down, slowly you open the drawer and three wrapped parcels are placed within there. Along with a key.

You unwrap each parcel, revealing three boxes: The first is shaped like a cube, bound with ancient leather and a solid gold lock. The second is made of iron, in the shape of a treasure chest. The third, is smaller than the others, constructed out of oak, with a a single key hole in the centre.

But which do you choose?

The End

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