Climb up the ladder

Climbing higher and higher, you start to find it difficult to grip onto the ladder, due to the strong wind still being produced by the blue orb.

Looking down, you see it once more - the blinding light it's radiating, and your eyes dry out almost instantly as you face the blast of cool air.

Blinking, you begin to continue your ascent. To your shock, however, you see that there is something above you.

It is not a platform, or anything that you can use to escape the pit, but it seems to be a person. Another person is here with you!

You yell up to them to wait, but suddenly regain awareness that this figure may be more foe than friend. But it's too late now, they've noticed you.

Quickly descending, they come closer and closer to you, until they are directly above you.

You see that beneath a hood, they appear to have somewhat odd skin. It looks as if it's rotting, and as the figure pulls back their hood, you yelp as you see that half of their face is decaying.

The figure beckons you to follow it up the ladder, and continues climbing, but you are unsure about following the sinister and mysterious creature.

Do you either: Follow the creature up the ladder; Climb down the ladder to try and escape; or grab the creature's leg in an attempt to throw it off the ladder.

The End

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