Crawl into the wind and through the hatch

Fighting against the powerful blast of cool air, you struggle to press on towards what seems to be light streaking through the vent hatch where the gust is coming from.

The light has a slightly blue tint, and as you get closer, the wind becomes more and more powerful, and the light becomes brighter, slowly causing you to need to squit to see where you're going.

Fighting against the strong current of air, you eventually make it to the hatch, and turning around, kick out at the hatch in an attempt to escape the vents.

As the hatch slowly bends, you kick harder and harder, until the hatch flies off in the other direction, revealing a blinding blue light that burns your eyes as you look at it.

Looking through your hands, you glance over the edge of the vent, and seeing that there is a kind of railing only a few feet below, you lower yourself down onto it. The piping goes all around what seems to be a pit, and as you look around, still through your hands, you see what must be causing the gust of air and the blinding light.

A giant blue orb floats in the middle of the spherical pit, illuminating everything around you, and you find it hard to keep your balance due to the blasting wind.

You look to your left and are surprised to see what appears to be a ladder, going both up and down as far as you can see.

You look up, and realise that you can't escape through the way you came due to it being too high up, so you decide that you can either climb up the ladder or down the ladder.

The End

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