Limp towards the pen-light

Holding your bleeding leg, you limp slowly towards the light, which grows as you get closer.

You eventually come to a door, which looks a lot like the one you went through to escape your own cell. Looking around to double check you are not once again in your cell, you feel relieved to see that you're still in the hallway.

Approaching carefully, you take a peek through the tiny barred window into the cell, and are shocked to see what awaits you inside. This is where the light has been coming from, and it is illuminating a body. Half decayed, with maggots and worms feasting on its flesh - similar to the rats - it causes you to bend over, vomiting over the lower half of the door. You look again, and see that the body is chained up - you assume that it is the corpse of a previous prisoner.

But... What's more... There's somebody else in the cell with the body.

A woman, long brown hair, grey clothes - which you now realise are similar to your own - but she seems to be unconscious. She, unlike the body, is not chained up.

You jump as you see movement out of the corner of your eyes. Your eyed widen as you see the body groan, then turn its head. It look right at you, then looks over to the girl. It shifts, and struggling slowly, it reaches out for the girl. She's going to be killed by a zombie!

You realise you have three choices: run away and let the zombie feed on the woman; enter the cell and try to fight the zombie off; enter the cell and try to free the woman before the zombie can get to her. What do you do?!

The End

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