The lights come on

The lights come on, and you are in one of the most exquisite rooms you have ever seen. Food and drink are laid out, ready to eat. You suddenly feel ravenously hungry, like you haven't eaten in days. But, before you begin to eat, you notice the room is dimly lit, and oddly shaped. There are seven or eight corners in this room, some have no light at all. As your eyes adjust, you see the darker corners have odd lumps resting in there. You suddenly feel sick, realising the full magnitude of the situation.

But you see another figure enter the room. You grab a knife off the table for protection, but lower it as the figure become clearer. It is a young woman, a very beautiful one. She seems to be lost for a moment, then see you. She laughs. "You've come a long way to have lost your memories." She seems almost fleeting, as if she knows what thsi place is. "Is this an insane assylum?" you ask. "A hospital? A facility? A sick science experiment?" She shakes her head. "You don't know what this is, nor will you find out, because no one will ever know of this place. I will tell you what happened to you, and I will take you home. It will come back to you within the next few months."

You now have a new set of choices. You either go with this woman, stay in the room, or go back to your cell as if nothing happened.

The End

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