Something jumps at you

You feel tiny teeth burrow into your calf. You bite your arm, to muffle the screams. It is better if you are not heard, you are escaping.

Looking down at your leg, you manage to see a small rodent like creature. But it's skin was missing in some areas, showing hollowed out innards and maggots. Even in the dark, it is a frightening sight.

Your leg is now bleeding, the warm liquid running down your leg. The slight darkness covered how damaging the wound was.

The rodent scampered off, as a small light came on in the distance of the hall. It seemed to be no bigger than a pen-light.

You try to decide if you should keep following, there is bound to be more creatures like this around here. Standing still is not an option, when there is undead rodents scurrying around.

The End

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