Run away from the stranger

As the stranger walks on, you quickly decide to avoid the imminent trickery that will befall you, should you follow. You therefore decide to turn right, and try to lose the stranger.

Sure enough, he makes no attempt to follow you, and you realise that once again, you are alone and lost in a mysterious dark hallway.

Creeping on as silently as you can, you eventually come to a door at the end of the hallway. From behind the hinges, you can feel a spray of some kind of liquid. It appears to just be water, but you can not be sure. It definitely does not seem to be harming you, and so, placing your hand on the doorknob, you gently and slowly twist it, opening the door.

As the door opens, a gush of warm water flows at you - not enough to knock you off your feet, but enough to ensure that you are soaked up to your knees.

The water is a murky blue colour, and upon closer inspection, you see something swimming in it.

The flow of water has stopped, and yet it still fills the room beyond the door and the entire hallway up to your knees.

Your concentration and puzzlement is suddenly interrupted by a sharp pain in your right thigh. You look down to see that what appears to be a large fish is biting and gripping onto your leg!

Blood is soaking through your clothes, and looking at the fish, you see that it is half-rotten - you can see the inside of its skull, and half of its tail is being feated on by maggots and worms.

You slowly begin to feel dizzy, due to the lack of blood. You have to act fast, what do you do?!

The End

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