Turn Left

You ran your options over in your head. It was pretty simple. Left, or right? You couldn't remember how you got there. Ok, well that could mean allot of things. But since I woke up in that cell... was I kidnapped? Or did I choose to go in there?

You realized you couldn't continue standing there in the dark, trying to remember something you had obviously forgotten. You weighed your options again. You could either go into a dark hallway you knew nothing about, or you could follow the mysterious person.

If they wanted to hurt me, they would have. you think. Might as well follow them and see what they want.

Footsteps sound from your right, and you duck around the corner. They fly past, completely oblivious to your presence, and continue off toward the direction of your cell.

As you look to make sure they've gone, your heart is beating a mile a minute. So when you hear the quick, scurrying sound behind you you can only just hold back a yell.

Probably just a mouse. you try to calm yourself. Well then that was the biggest mouse in the world!

As you continue down the dark hall, a glint on the ceiling catches your attention. You can't make it out, but you reach a hand and feel it. It's smooth, and cold, and...

It's a light bulb! You look around, hoping to see some kind of switch sticking out from the wall. But as you do, there's the scampering sound again, and it runs right past you!

The End

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