Remain in the cell

You decide it's probably safest to remain in the cell - there's no knowing what awaits you on the outside in the pitch black hallway.

Examining the cell a little bit more closely, you see that what you had originally thought to be a singular padding is actually various cushion-like pads attached to the walls.

You edge closer to investigate, and upon contact with the walls, you feel that one cushion is a little loose.

Sliding your fingers in between this cushion and the one adjacent to it, you clench your fingers tightly and eventually pry the cushion off.

What's underneath shocks you, as you see that stringy glue is all that was holding it on, and it was used to cover what look slike blood.

Some speckles of blood, and some large streaks seem to be covering the wall, and you attempt to pull another cushion off the wall just to be sure.

As you expected, there is blood on the wall there, too.

You fall to your knees and double over, retching at what you're seeing. Is it possible that you will be the next victim of a horrifying and brutal murder?

Suddenly determined that you will not be next, you find some inner strength and rip the cushions off the wall, revealing only more blood, more violence and hatred, until...

The final cushion reveals a small handle. It seems that a trap door has been hiding behind the cushions.

It looks like an easy way out - if it was hidden on purpose then it must be some kind of escape route. It can't be dangerous.

You conclude that anywhere is safer than here, and so you decide to use the trap door to try and escape the cell.

The End

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