Escape the cell

After giving it some thought, you realise it'd probably be best to try to escape. You don't know what your captors have in store for you, and you don't really want to find out.

Sliding the bolt back from the door, it makes a slight scraping sound, but it is almost silent, thankfully.

You open the door a crack, in an attempt to try and see more of what waits for you in the dark hallway, but nothing presents itself.

You realise that it's unlikely that you're in any danger if you can't see any threats.

Sneakily sliding between the wall and the door, you creep out of your cell, into the darkness.

Scanning either way, you confirm your original thoughts - the hallway seems to be deserted.

Allowing your eyes to adjust to the eerie darkness, you continue to look from side to side. Left right, left right, left- Stop. What's that?

There's somebody there. Another person. Friend or foe, you ask yourself, but no immediate answer presents itself.

The mysterious figure seems to be cloaked, and has also seemed to notice you. It appears to be holding out a hand, curling it round, pointing at you... Beckoning you towards it.

You glance behind you to check that nobody is creeping up on you, but you appear to be sage from that side, so you whip your head round to face the figure once more, but... Gone.

The elusive figure has abandoned you.

You quickly replay the incident... The appearance, beckoning...

You realise you have two options.

You can turn right, the way that seems clear, or you can turn left, where the mysterious figure beckoned you, and try to find out who they are...

The End

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