Bang on the door

You decide that you want to let your captors know that you're awake, and so you slam your hands against the door, loudly this time, and scream at the top of your lungs.

For a moment you wait, but there is no reply.

So you bang on the door and scream again, in the hope that this time you'll attract some attention.

This time, your efforts are greeted with the sound of footsteps, and they seem to be coming closer. You look around, panicking now, as you had not actually thought this far ahead.

Listening closely, you realise that there seem to be more than one set of footsteps heading towards you.

They stop, and you see somebody look through the door window, directly at you.

You hear a voice... 'So, you're awake.' A man, and he sounds a little angry, but also evilly pleased.

'You had better-' He stops mid sentence, and his eyes roll back in his sockets. He slumps to the floor, and behind him you see a mysterious figure wearing a black cloak. You cannot see his face, and so you don't trust him.

'Come with me,' the figure says. They have a husky voice, and it seems as though they want to help you.

You realise that you have two options: go with the stranger, who seems to have turned right outside the cell; or sneak away left, away from the stranger.

The End

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