The Cell

You find yourself locked up in a cell. You don't know why, how or where you are, but you realise that you have to escape.

You jolt awake, sweat dripping down your face.

You scan the area, expecting to see the familiar environment of your normal lodgings, but there is nothing normal about your current location.

It seems that you are in a cell. The walls are white, and appear to be padded, and there is a single door in one of the equally sized walls.

On the other side of the metal door, you see a dimly lit hallway, but with no distinguishing features to it.

You get to your feet, and press your hands to the cold steel of the door. You wonder why a padded cell would have such a solid door... Then you realise that this should not be your primary concern - there are many more pressing matters at hand, such as the reasoning behind your placement here.

You quietly knock on the steel door, to attract the attention of your mysterious captors. However, there is no reply. You look down to the bolt which is holding the door closed. There is no lock keeping it closed. To escape, it would simply be a matter of sliding the bolt from right to left. For all their mystery, your kidnappers don't seem to be too bright.

You realise that you have three choices: bang on the door louder in the hope of attracting some attention; risk the wrath of your captors and attempt an escape; or remain in the cell silently and hope for some human contact some time soon.

The End

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