Nice Guys Finish Last

At the tip of the cape there rested a large boulder. It looked like any other massive stone other than one distinguishing feature. Its top surface was level, marked with only a few grooves from water erosion. It was, of course, named Flat Rock by the locals. During the last quarter of the twentieth century it was a well known hang out, and a favorite place to take a girl on a date. However, since the advent of social networks, dating sites and generation Y club crawls, the place had become dormant; a forgotten relic of the free loving age. When Wayne spotted it in the distance, he remembered excited moments in his youth when kissing a girl was the greatest taboo; when drugs and alcohol were a lifetime away.

Charlie caught him in his reverie and became curious. “What’re you thinking about?”

“See that rock?”


“My parents used to go there when they were in high school. I even went there as a kid. No one goes there anymore. I wonder what happened?”

“Well, you want to go check it out?”

Wayne smiled. “You read my mind.”

“Race you!”

“Oh but I don’t want to put you to shame.”

Before he had finished his sentence, she ripped away from him. Barefoot, she raced across the rocky beach.

Wayne tried to keep up, but her nimbleness was astonishing, he couldn’t understand how she did it. She stepped so perfectly on every stone with not a worry about slipping or missing her mark. She had all the dexterity and confidence of a stalking lioness.

Wayne was far behind when she had reached it and made herself comfortable. She was sitting on the ledge of the large stone when Wayne finally arrived. Charlie shot her chin up and exclaimed “I win.” in mock-snob attitude, gloating in victory.

Wayne laughed, “I’m out of shape, I should run more often.”

“Don’t feel bad, I’ve trained all my life. I’m a dancer and a gymnast. My father has forged me into a tool for his business. I don’t mean to sound conceited when I say that I’m more fit than your average twenty seven year old.”

“I on the other hand.” Wayne started, his words punctuated by deep breaths. “Am not more fit than your average twenty seven year old.”

“You’re twenty seven?”


“Hmm, I would have taken you for older; mid thirties.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should, I tend to like older men.” She said, smiling.

Wayne laughed, sitting down beside her on the rock. “I used to hate that when I was in high school. All the girls I liked were dating guys in college. In hindsight, those guys were creeps. Think about it, they were in their late teens or breaking into their twenties and dating fourteen year old girls.”

“What school did you go to? That didn’t happen at mine.”

“Oh? You don’t think so? I bet it did and you just weren’t aware.”

“Oh no! Conspiracy theory!” She said with wide eyes and her hands flailing about in a gesture of false surprise. “You’re funny.”

“Coming from a girl dressed as a jester, that’s a compliment.”

“What you don’t like my outfit?”

Wayne took the opportunity to look her over once more. She was a jaw dropping brand of gorgeous. “I like it very much in fact.”

“Uh huh. I wonder why.” She muttered, smiling slyly.

“Well, because of how it -”

“Don’t, you’ll just dig yourself a hole.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just trust me.” She leaned over to him. “Stop talking.”

“But-” His words were interrupted by her lips pressing against his. He wasn’t going to complain.

Wayne kept his eyes open for this kiss and watched her, albeit blurrily. Her eyes were closed, and he noticed her features soften with a sudden exhalation when he gently passed his tongue between her lips. When he pulled away, her eyes lazily opened, as if she were waking from slumber. Her lips were still parted when he lunged at them for a second assault.

Her heart quickened at the sound of his rapid breathing and she let slip a muffled moan of pleasure. He pulled away again, her desire sighing in frustration. “Don’t stop.” She said, placing her hand against his jaw and pulling him in for more. A third time, he pulled back. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy kissing you, but I’m dying to learn more about who you are.”

She was honestly at a loss for words. “You’re not a normal guy are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Most would have asked me where my trailer was or mentioned how cold it is and how we should go inside.”

Wayne was sincerely confused, ignorant about the nature of her words. “I’m not sure I follow you.”

She laughed. “Yeah, you’re not a normal guy.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No, you’re a true gentlemen.”

Finally the bell rang in Wayne’s mind. “Oh, that’s what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah.” She said, her eyebrows raising in awkward contemplation.

Suddenly Wayne felt a whirlwind of anxiety wreaking havoc on his innards. Was she suggesting they go to her trailer? Was this a subtle proposition? He noticed her fold her arms as a breeze came in off the water. He took off his jacket and placed it around her shoulders, using the motion to move in for an embrace.

Charlie smiled, placing her head on his shoulder. “You’re a real nice guy Wayne.”

He wasn’t sure how to respond, so he didn’t. He just held tightly and rubbed her shoulder in an attempt to generate warmth.

“It is cold.” She said. Their proximity made it so that when she looked up at him their lips nearly met, but she didn’t lean in for a kiss. She just looked into his eyes. “You want to go in?”

“Yeah, we’ll go in if you want.”

She smiled softly. “Come with me.”

Wayne’s heart was pounding through his chest when she got up and took him by the hand. They ventured back the way they had come along the beach. Not a word was said between them the entire way as she led him like a lost puppy back to her trailer.

The End

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