Without Relent

They stood staring at each other in silence as the herds of circus goers wandered past them.

“Holy crap.” Wayne said, breaking the silence. “That was pretty good.”

“You’re still going to do it aren’t you?” He asked, rhetorically and with disappointment.

“You’re still my wingman aren’t you?”

Shane smiled. “Where’s this girl?”

“Right over there.” Wayne said, pointing through the crowd.

Shane peered through the gaggle. “That brunette near the candy corn?"

“No no, the one at the gate for bumper cars.”

“Oh…” He had to double take. “Oh Wow! You aim high. What the heck is she doing working in a carnival?”

“Don’t know. Let’s go.”

“Alright, show’s on.”

As they were making their way across the fair grounds Wayne heard his name called. “Did you hear that?”

Shane frowned in confusion.“Um ... no.”

They continued for a few steps before he heard it again. “You sure? I swear someone’s -”

“Wayne Rasinburg.”

The End

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