The Truth About Happiness

“Aww man. I’m sorry.” Shane felt that deep pull of regret tugging at his conscience. He knew it had to be said, but he hated the fact that he most certainly just tore the emotional circuitry right out of his best friends chest. “Look, ignore what I said. I’m just jealous that’s all. You’re just so good at getting the girl you want. I… I wish I had that talent.”

“Enough with the backpedaling. You made your point.”

“No.” Shane said firmly. “I’m not going to ruin your day. You came here with a mission and we’re going to complete it.”

“I’m not in the mood anymore Shane.” He said, turning and walking for the exit.

“Hey.” Shane said, blocking him with his body. “No you don’t. We’re doing this, and you’ll get the girl, then you can be yourself again.”

“Yeah, until she leaves me.”

“Man, that’s life. People get together, they enjoy each others company for a while then they go their separate ways.”

“I’ve never wanted to go my separate way.”

“Wayne, that’s because you’re a hopeless romantic that still believes in everlasting love.”

“Why shouldn’t I? Why is that such a bad thing? So what if I want to share my life with someone.”

“Reality is cruel Wayne. You know why people get cancer? Why people die in car accidents?”

“Because they smoke while they’re driving?”

“No, because life has a way of wanting to make things turn out badly for you and all you can do about it is smile and move on.”

“Alright. If you’re so wise. I want you to tell me in one sentence how I can be happy for the rest of my life.”

“Oh man.” Shane stood there in silence as the crowd moved around them. “That’s a doozy.”

“Spit it out Buddha.”

“Alright. You ready?”

“Hah, you actually sound confident.”

Shane smiled.

“Fine, let’s hear it.”

Shane stared at him for a moment before he began. “If you seek happiness, you’ll never find it because happiness is not found, it’s earned.”

The End

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