Emma-running out of time?Mature


 I tried on three black dresses for the funeral. Three, it wasn't twenty or fifty and the only thing I heard from Tim is his arguments.

"Em, just choose a dress will yeah. We need to meet the Nameless One in an hour to see how it went on his end," Tim tries to pull me away from dress number four.

"TNO can wait longer. I am trying to enjoy the freedom that I have left. This experience has taught me a lesson. No more jumping targets and besides I will be a personal pet of TNO so I will not be able to do anything really so I want a perfect dress. I will not be able to keep it so I will try on a couple more." I know I was being harsh but I could not help it. It finally hit me what I did. No, I did regret my decision of giving up my freedom. Tim is still young and innocent, I on the other hand, oh the things I've done. I don't even want to list them.

"TNO," Tim tilts his head confused.

"I am tired of saying the nameless one all the time so now his name is TNO. Now what do you think of this dress?" I hold up a really lacy black dress that would end at my knees.

"People would not believe you are there for a funeral. They would think you are into cosplay." Tim says. 

This time I am confused. "I have no idea what you are talking about and no I do not need explanations Mr. Tim. I will try this on." I walk into the dressing room and put on the dress. When I was alive, I had three ladies at least helping me dress. Now, I had only myself. What is the world coming to? Right, thanks to us, the world is going to feel the impacts of so many souls, not all of the consequences are known yet. I walk out to Tim and twirl. "What you think?"

"Get it and let's go," Tim tells me and I roll my eyes. Men really need to start thinking about fashion. They may find it is easier to find a mate like that. But it is too late for Tim.

"Fine," I respond and go pay for the dress that I had on and a second one that I liked. I wanted a choice for the funeral and I didn't think that Tim would let me go shopping. Tim and I made our way to the cafe by the Grant Hyatt of where we were staying. NTO decided to be nice to us and came to us. We walk inside and I look for an annoying kid. Except there was no annoying kid in sight. "Where is that brat?" I voice and Tim looks at me like I am suicidal. Then I looked closer and saw Shimasani-san getting coffee for two. I watched his movements and saw him sitting down next to a man who looked in his thirties.

The man had slick black hair, black eyes, skinny, wearing a black Armani suit. I grabbed Tim's hand and we made our way to their table. When we walked up, I looked into the man's eyes and saw that it was indeed TNO.

"Do you always great your master like this Emma?" TNO asks me.

"I expected a kid not a thirty year old man," I spat at him. Tim sat me down onto one chair and he took the last one.

"I don't get it. You were using a kid's body but now you are using an adult. Please explain," Tim asks him.

"I like being a kid, I already told you my reasoning but in order to receive permission for your funeral, I needed an older body. One that screamed authority. Your funeral will be on Tuesday, now it is Friday. It will be midnight from Monday to Tuesday. The mayor of New York said he will start with advertising tonight. It will be on television, on road signs and all restaurants will making the announcement. You will have all the sources you will need. " TNO pulls out a business card. "Contact him and he will get what you need. Candles, LD projectors for your spell and anything else that takes to your fancy."

"Tuesday so soon," Tim says. "Our two weeks will be up on next Thursday.

I started to breathe heavily. The heart of the body that I was in was hyperventilating.  I looked at my hands and my vision was becoming blurry.

"Em, Em what is wrong?" I could hear Tim say.

I started to shake and TNO gripped my shoulders hard. "Shit," he voiced.

I started to shake harder and TNO pulled me closer to him but I didn't feel it. The only thing that I heard was:

Get out of my body.

"What is wrong with her TNO," Tim asked and TNO ignored his nickname.

"The soul of Emma's body is awakening. You might not have enough time until Thursday. I will see if I can move the funeral to Sunday night. But we need people to show up or you two are screwed." TNO said.

Tears slid down my face. It hurt. The other soul was angry.

The End

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