Tim - Calm Before The StormMature

The view from the Grand Hyatt in NYC was breathtaking.  Tim and Emma's room was dozens of stories up - so much so that the people in the streets were almost indistinguishable from one another.

Tim used to be afraid of heights, but he didn't care anymore.

Emma was taking a long shower, while Tim stood out on the balcony leaning over the rail.  He could feel the wind gently blowing his hair from side to side.  He could feel his host's heart pounding furiously in response to Tim's phobia, but it seemed completely autonomous from his mind.  A pit of shame was growing steadily in his stomach.

You didn't have to do this.  Tim thought.  Dammit, Emma...  You didn't have to do this.  For the past twelve hours, the two had hardly spoken to one another.  Tim couldn't come to understand why Emma - the very definition of a free spirit - went out of her way to ensure his safety by dooming her own.

It's not fair.  He punched the railing forcefully.

Suddenly, Tim felt a hand on his shoulder.  "Hey."  She said.

He could feel his head lower.  "Hey."

The wind whistled across the cityscape, almost completely overtaken by the hustle below.  Lazily, the sun made its descent, silhouetting the skyscrapers that made this city famous.

"You're not afraid of heights anymore?"  Tim could hear a sad smile in her voice.

He couldn't help but chuckle.  "Fuck no.  Still scares me.  It's just..."  Leaning out over the rail even more, he sighed.  "They have no idea what's about to happen."

Emma joined him against the railing.  "Yeah."

They sat in silence for several minutes, watching the sun set silently over a sea of self-righteous individuals.  Then Tim spoke.  "Why did you do it?"

Her wet hair didn't move with the wind.  Rather, she appeared to be completely solid against a world set against her.  Tim had never seen her more stalwart than she was right now.

"Because I've lived several lives, Tim.  So many lives..."  She closed her eyes and turned to smile at Tim.  "You haven't even lived one.  You're forty, counting death."

"Don't you dare belittle yourself next to me!"  Tim was seething with a mix of shame and anger.  "The whole point of us going through all this trouble is so we can be free!  So that we don't dissipate into the universe - just like everything that's ever existed has and will!  If you can't be free..."  He had to stop himself from tearing up.  You're not human...  You won't cry.  "...If you can't be free, Emma, then why the hell are you even doing this?"

"Because it's right."  Emma stated.  "For you."

A few seconds passed.  Tim embraced Emma in a tight hug.  They held it for a few seconds, then Tim let go and stared back at the horizon.  It was nighttime, now.

"I'm getting some sleep."  Emma said.  "You'd best do so, too.  We've got a big day tomorrow."  She punched Tim in the shoulder playfully.

"Yeah."  Tim smiled thinly, still broken.  "I'll probably go to my room in a minute."

Emma waved and vanished inside the curtains.

Tim took a deep breath.  Because it's right.  He took out his cell phone and dialed in the number.  It rang twice, then a young voice picked up.  "Who calls?"

"You know who."  Tim said. "We're ready."


Even through the phone, Tim could feel a sickening smile growing on the Nameless One's lips.

The End

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